How to Style your Sixth Form Wardrobe

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Back to school is fast approaching and if you’ve just finished your final year of high school you may be about to progress onto the next step of your education, which for many in the UK, is sixth form.

Some schools have the same uniform from first year, right through to the end of sixth form. Therefore you may never get the chance to express your unique style! Luckily many sixth forms allow you to switch out your old school uniform for ‘business or formal wear’, which for the boys, means it’s time to break out the suits.

Although styling yourself for sixth form can be pretty simple, it can get pricey, so we’re going to show you how to keep costs down, but still sport a fresh, dapper look every day.

Our theory here at Slaters, is that just two suits can do you a whole week at sixth form! Sounds too good to be true right? But with just a change in shirt and tie, you can have a different outfit every day. We’re going to show you the short but essential shopping list you need for sixth form, and how to work a new look each day.

The Suits

So, the key items in your new business wardrobe, has got to be your suits. What colours and styles do you go for to make sure you keep your look versatile but smart?

Black Two Piece Suit – A black suit is a sixth form must have! Nothing is easier to style than a black suit, we stock both two piece and three piece suits. So you can look good in sixth form but still play it cool with our black suits starting from just £65.

Blue Three-Piece Suit – Another slim fitting ensemble, but this time with blue you can add a subtle touch of colour to your wardrobe while still keeping it sixth form appropriate. A three-piece suit can be styled up or down, by leaving the waistcoat at home you have a simple two-piece number and with the waistcoat on you are dressed to impress. Blue three piece suits for sixth form start from £79.

Both these suit colours are really versatile, and easy to pair with various shirts and ties, so creating a unique look every day will be simple. These options also won’t break the bank as two suits could be bought from under £150.

 The Shirts

This is where things start to get creative, and where your fresh and unique looks will come together. Mixing up your shirts is the perfect way to make each look different! But what colours are key?

ONESIX5IVE White Slim Fit Single Cuff Long Sleeve Shirt – The base of any simple yet dapper look is a white shirt, so having a well-fitting white shirt in your sixth form wardrobe is key to always looking good. This slim fit white shirt from ONESIX5IVE will sit comfortably under a slim fit suit, and pull your look together well. It’ll also go under both a black and blue suit. – £12

Guthrie & Valentine Pink Herringbone Tailored Fit Double Cuff Shirt – Some days you just feel you want to make the extra effort, so when that time comes around opt for this premium quality light pink shirt from Guthrie & Valentine. A comfortable material, in a tailored fit which is still modern and smart but with a little more room. Ideal for the important days in school, you can dress to impress with this shirt by adding cufflinks to make the look your own. – £27

Guthrie & Valentine Lilac Twill Regular Fit Single Cuff Shirt – A purple shirt is an easy to style choice for those rushed mornings. Looking dapper with both blue and black suits, this top-quality lilac shirt from Guthrie and Valentine is also guaranteed to last you well. A regular fitting shirt is also a great choice for comfort whilst still looking smart. – £27

Why not take advantage of our fantastic Guthrie and Valentine offer where you can get 4 shirts for £90.

When it comes to purchasing your shirts, although these are our three essential colours, we’d recommend you double up when buying white shirts as they’re an easy go to on an early morning, so when all else fails, go for a white shirt!

The Ties

Your tie can take your outfit from good to great and add heaps of personality to your look. What colour ties do you need to make the perfect statement every day?

ONESIX5IVE Black Slim Tie – To complete your slim line look, finish your look with a slim black tie, just £5 from ONESIX5IVE! Some days don’t call for a colourful look, and nothing looks quite as sleek as a black suit, white shirt and black tie.

ONESIX5IVE Baby Pink Slim Tie – Another £5 slim tie from ONESIX5IVE, these affordable yet sleek looking ties are bound to become your favourite accessory. Whether you want to go for double pink, or pair your pink tie with a white shirt, this simple tie can help create multiple looks throughout the week. The pink tie is the perfect partner for both the black and blue suits.

Charlton Gray Lilac Paisley Pattern Tie – It’s good to have a patterned tie in your collection, for days when you want to stand out from the crowd. This paisley patterned tie in purple and green is still affordable at £5, and would go perfectly with the purple or white shirts, and would complement both the black and blue suits.

The Shoes

Always put your best foot forward at sixth form by having shoes that you love. Mixing up your shoes is a subtle way to change up your look and give your suit a new lease of life.

We have two essential pairs of shoes for school, that are both comfortable and cool.

ONESIX5IVE Black ‘Roache’ Hole Punch Detail Lace Up Shoe – A high quality, comfortable pair of shoes that look effortlessly smart, without breaking the bank. These sleek black shoes finish off a black suit perfectly and are available in a range of sizes. – £55

ONESIX5IVE ‘Manning’ Burnished Leather Brogues – No formal wardrobe is complete without a pair of tan brogues. The ultimate finishing touch to a blue suit, or a dapper pop of colour for a black suit. These affordable but durable ONESIX5IVE leather brogues are perfect for sixth form. -£59

The Looks

We’re going to show you how to work these simple pieces in a variety of ways to create enough looks to last you all week!

With just this short shopping list of essentials, the possibilities are endless, so you can look effortlessly cool with a different look every day, without breaking the bank!

If you’ve picked up any of these items ready for ‘back to school’, or have your own favourite items from Slaters that you love to wear for work, then send us a snap when you’re ready to head out the door, and share it with us on Twitter and Instagram @Slaters1973.


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