How to Transition your T-shirts into Autumn/Winter

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How to transition your t-shirts to autumn/winter

When the weather gets colder and we hit the autumn/winter months, we tend to pack our t-shirts to the back of our wardrobes and forget about them until the temperatures rise again but not this year!

Instead of replacing our t-shirts for warmer layers, we’re going to show you how you can transition men’s t-shirts into your autumn/winter wardrobe by styling differently to give them a whole new lease of life!

The T-Shirt and Open Shirt Look

This is the easiest way to layer up your t-shirts to make them more appropriate for the colder weather.

Pair a plain t-shirt you love with a new check or patterned shirt. Why not browse the fantastic range of men’s checked shirts at Slaters, pick out the key colour checks and pair it with a plain t-shirt in that shade. Black, white or grey are usually the favourites for layering as they’re neutral and versatile, working with nearly any other colour.

Take your t-shirt and add your open shirt over it, leaving all the buttons unfastened to reveal the t-shirt underneath. Cool, casual and an easy way to warm up any summer t-shirt.

The t-shirt and open shirt look

The T-Shirt and Quarter Zip Fleece Look

When the autumn/winter season comes around, its time to dig out the winter fleeces from the back of your wardrobe to help you cosy up. This doesn’t mean your style has to suffer, layer up one of those cosy, quarter zip fleeces with one your more summery tees, creating a truly transitional look.

A quarter zip is the perfect way to show off a bold t-shirt without making a major statement, adding a small splash of colour to your winter outfit.

Choose a plain coloured quarter zip fleece, black or grey are best, and pair it with a boldly patterned t-shirt with a similar colour scheme. Layer the fleece over the t-shirt and leave the zip totally open, revealing a small glimpse of your bold base layer.

The t-shirt and quarter zip fleece look


The Oversized T-Shirt and Sweater Look

If you want to go for a more dapper, ultra-modern look, pairing an oversized t-shirt with a sweater is seriously on-trend and also majorly comfortable!

Size up in a plain t-shirt to achieve a longer-line, more relaxed look and layer a well-fitting sweater on top, leaving the t-shirt to sit below the hem of the sweater. This cool combination looks great paired with skinny jeans and trainers for a laid back style.

White t-shirts look great paired with light grey sweaters, while a grey t-shirt under a black sweater is a winning combination.

The oversized t-shirt and sweater look

The Polo Shirt and Knitted Jumper Look

Not technically a t-shirt but a similar principle, polo shirts can also be transitioned into autumn/winter.

Pairing a polo shirt with a round neck knitted jumper is a classic look that men have been sporting for years and it’s perfect for smart and casual occasions during the colder months. There are loads of colour combinations that work well, including neutrals and brights, so whatever your style, you can definitely work this look.


Just because the weather is getting a little colder, doesn’t mean its time to stop wearing a t-shirt, you just have to style it a bit differently!

Do you keep your t-shirts and polos as part of your autumn/winter wardrobe? How do you style them? Tweet us @slaters1973 and let us know.


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