How To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe into Spring

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Sometimes it snows in March, sometimes we’re having BBQs, just because Spring is on its way, doesn’t mean we’re in for some kind of climate change BUT it’s worth knowing how to work that winter wardrobe whatever the weather does over the coming months.

It’s a really awkward transitional time of year where the temperature does what it wants, when it wants and generally changes within a 10 degree range from day to day, so learning the tips and tricks to making your winter wardrobe work for the warmer weather is essential.

The Overcoat 3 Ways

You’re probably thinking, ‘it’s a coat, you just put it on, that’s it’, well you’re wrong. A staple in your winter wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to sport an overcoat as the weather starts to warm up, so whether you wake up and it’s frozen over or the sun is shining, here’s how to wear your overcoat!

Over Your Suit – Okay, so it’s cold. Freezing cold. Put that dapper three-piece suit on and layer that overcoat on top of the jacket for the ultimate layered look that will keep you warm too.

Over Your Shirt – So, it’s a little warmer but still not tropical, so layering the overcoat over the shirt is the way forward. You’ve still got two layers of long sleeves to keep you cosy but removing the suit jacket leaves a little more room for breathability.

Over Your T-Shirt – Whether it’s chilly now but set to warm up later or you’re just not sure what this weather is doing, going for the smart casual look of a t-shirt tucked into formal trousers with an overcoat on top is dapper and easy for keeping you warm when it’s cold but take the jacket off and embrace the heat when it arrives.

Lose Some of the Layers

Let’s be honest, we’ve been walking around all winter with about 6 layers on our top halves and 3 on the bottom, so once we get to spring, we don’t have to change the clothes in our wardrobe, just stop wearing them all at once.

That nice jumper you’ve been hiding under your suit jacket and overcoat all winter? It’s time to work it as a top layer. For a smart but laidback work look, ditch the jackets and simply layer your jumper over your shirt and tie. With the warmer spring temperatures, you’ll be plenty warm enough without any outerwear.

Get Your Ankles Out

Seriously, spring is here, it’s time to shorten those trousers you’ve been wearing all winter with a couple of cheeky turn ups!

The perfect way to transition a pair of trousers through the seasons is to turn the ankles up to create a cool but cropped look. This works with formal trousers, jeans and chinos alike, just turn the ankles up with a couple of rolls, add a pair of trainers or loafers and you’ve given your trousers a new lease of life for the warmer weather!

Swap The Accessories

You’ve been hiding away behind knitted scarves and woollen hats for however long now, so it’s time to swap your accessories for something a little more seasonal.

If you still like to sport a scarf, opt for a lighter weight fabric and as for hats, channel your inner Peaky Blinder with a flat cap as opposed to a bobble hat.

Without changing any element of your main outfit, you can instantly look more ready for the spring weather.

Have you got any top tips for transitioning those winter wardrobe staples into the warmer seasons? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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