How to Wear a Bold Suit to Work

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We often think bold suits are to be saved for bold occasions but we think there’s nothing wrong with wearing a statement three-piece to the office if you style it right and today we’re going to be showing you how to pull off the look.

Pick a Colour Palette You Feel Confident Wearing

If you’re sporting a suit that is bold in pattern or fit then you need to choose one in a colour palette you feel confident wearing to help you feel comfortable working the look.

It can be a bit daunting to wear a suit in a style you’re not used to but as long as it’s in a colour you feel comfortable in, you’ll be able to work the look with your head held high.

Neutral colours are usually easier to accessorise and wear, so if you want to gradually start wearing suits bolder in pattern and fit, a simple coloured one is the best place to start.

Start With EITHER a Bold Print or Fit

For your first bold suit purchase, if you’re intending to wear it for work, we’d recommend going bold with either the fit or the print/colour, not both to start with.

Full on statement suits with an eye-catching fabric and quirky fit are a great look once you feel confident in sporting them, so if this is your first venture into the world of dressing boldly for work, pick one or the other.

Suits with double breasted or horseshoe shaped waistcoats are usually quite the statement, so we’d recommend choosing a style like this to start with or opting for your standard slim fit suit in a funky check print that will definitely turn heads.

Let the Suit Do the Talking

It’s tempting when you’ve found your feet with wearing bold prints just go all out but if you’re wearing a statement suit to work then you need to play it a little cool, so let the suit do the talking.

Keep the shirt plain, the shoes simple and the accessories minimalistic and let the brightly printed or boldly fitting suit take centre stage when you head into the office.

Make Sure The Design of the Suit is Appropriate for Your Workplace

As much as we’d love to wear a quirky suit all day, every day, some workplaces do call for something a little more on the subtle side but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up subtly.

If your workplace is pretty traditional but you want to express a bolder sider to your style then we recommend opting for a smart slim fitting three piece in a neutral coloured check print.

The check print is a little more eye-catching than a plainer fabric but picking this pattern in a low key colour such as navy or grey will keep things a bit more understated.

The perfect partner to your briefcase, a bold suit can fit into your work wardrobe if you style it right and hopefully with these top tips, you’ll be strutting into the office tomorrow morning with a new air of confidence.

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