How to Wear a Tuxedo and Feel Comfortable

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For many men, black tie events have become something to be afraid of. It’s just a natural instinct for many men that posh events that involve dinner suits are a scary thought and a lot of that is to do with the attire they’re required to wear.

We love tuxedos and dinner suits here at Slater Menswear; they’re the height of formal dressing and let’s be honest, if we can dress up like James Bond, we’re not going to say no are we?

We want to spread our love for the often feared dinner suit and give you some top tips on how to wear a tuxedo, look good and feel comfortable!

Tip 1: Are you a Two Piece or a Three Piece Man?

Our first top tip for picking a dinner suit that makes you feel comfortable is to establish whether you’re more of a two-piece or three-piece suit kind of guy and choose your perfect suit that way!

Some men find wearing a waistcoat and a blazer restricting and therefore can’t relax in their outfit whereas others find a waistcoat a bit of a safety blanket that helps them feel and look more streamlined and put together and wouldn’t dream of wearing a suit without one!

Trying on some two and three-piece suits and figuring out which feels best for you is the first tip for ensuring you pick a suit that is going to help you feel relaxed at your big event!

Tip 2: Pick The Right Fit

Our second piece of advice is a tip for suit buying in general and that’s picking a fit that is right for you.

No matter whether it’s a suit for a black tie occasion, an outfit for your wedding or a suit for another kind of event, when it comes to how to pick a tuxedo you’ll feel comfortable in, it’s all about finding that perfect fit.

It’s not as simple as one style fits all when it comes to suits; there are three key fits you need to know about when shopping the men’s dinner suit department at Slater Menswear and they’re regular fit, tailored fit and slim fit.

Regular fit is your most generous fit, it’s a little more relaxed than the rest, so if you find suits restrictive, this looser fit is bound to make you feel more comfortable.

Tailored fit is a very flattering fit for nearly all sizes. It’s not skin tight but it’s got a nice tapered shape to it, creating your ‘perfect’ body shape that is perfectly balanced and streamlined.

Lastly is your slim fit, it’s a little tighter than the rest but not as fitted as the skinny suits are. Slim fit is great for thinner gents who don’t want to feel drowned in a suit and they’re also great for the guys who hit the gym and want to show off their hard work.

When it comes to the rules of how to pick a tuxedo that will really work for you, choosing the right fit is a priority, so make sure you take your time exploring different suit cuts and see what looks and feels best for you.

Tip 3: Black Tie Doesn’t Mean Black Suit

Some men just don’t like wearing a black suit and there’s a lot of reasons why. They can feel very formal and serious and are often associated with less joyful occasions, so if you’re a gent who just doesn’t feel great in a black suit, opt for a different colour.

Black tie events mean you need a black tie, not a black suit and we’ve got a selection of dinner suits and tuxedos in colours that are appropriate for these occasions without being black.

From charcoal grey to midnight blue, all the way to a bold white dinner jacket that is bound to turn heads, if you don’t feel your best in an all-black suit, opt for a different colour to help yourself feel as dapper as possible.

Tip 4: Measure Up Correctly

As with any suit, tuxedos need to fit perfectly to feel comfortable and allow you to move freely, so measuring up for your new one correctly is one of the most important factors of getting one you feel good in.

Our best advice would always be to get measured by a professional in person, such as visiting one of our 25 UK stores. All of our team know exactly how to help any man get his perfect fit and are always on hand to measure you up and recommend a suit that they know will work for you.

By choosing your suit in store, our professionals can also recommend any alterations that need to be made to achieve the ideal fit and can even send the suit off for those alterations to be done for free!

Just because getting fitted in person is an ideal scenario, if you’re wondering how to buy a tuxedo online then the answer is to follow size guides closely. We’ve got size guides for all our different suit fits, explaining what each measurement means and what size works for what measurements, so if you have to buy online, we’d recommend checking those out!

Tip 5: Choose Accessories to Suit You


Accessorising a dinner suit is generally pretty standard: white shirt, black tie, black shoes but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touch to the look by using a few subtle accessories.

We do like the classic monochrome look when it comes to a black tie event but we’re not opposed to a tasteful pop of colour here and there. A colourful pocket square is a perfect way to add a bit of personality to an otherwise simple look, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t feel right wearing all black.

Other accessories that help to make you feel more at home in a tuxedo include cufflinks or your favourite watch. These bits of bling can add a little life to your look and bring out your personal style.

Wearing a tuxedo needn’t fill you with fear and hopefully with these top tips on how to wear a dinner suit and feel good will help you embrace the look.

We want every man to look and feel his best in a dinner suit which is why we’ve curated a collection of black tie suits to work for every gent, so check them out online or in one of our stores!

What’s your number one tip for feeling on top form in a dinner suit? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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