How to Wear an Open Neck Shirt for Your Wedding

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Some men just can’t get used to wearing a tie. It isn’t something they enjoy and it certainly isn’t something they find comfortable which can mean picking their wedding attire proves a little tricky.

The groom and his party do traditionally wear a tie as they head down the aisle and this dress code is usually only dropped for weddings abroad but if you’re really not a fan of wearing a tie then learning how to work an open neck shirt and still look smart is going to be the way forward.

Here are our top tips for how to wear an open neck shirt and still look wedding ready on your big day:

  1. Pick the Right Collar

Some collars are more formal than others and collars such as Victorian, wing and spread all lend themselves to being worn buttoned up and with a tie, so if you were to style this kind of collar open without a tie, it is likely to just look like you’ve forgotten your tie, as opposed to purposely not wearing one.

Round collars and pin collars are more casual and therefore look better worn open and without a tie, so if you’re deciding from the offset to not wear a tie, picking the right shirt is key to pulling the look off.

  1. Choose a Smart Three Piece

If your wedding dress code is formal but you can’t bear to wear a tie then keeping things smart with your suit is essential to keep in with the dress code you’ve set.

If you’re losing the tie, you can’t afford to lose the waistcoat too, so a smart three-piece is a must-have. The fit, colour and design you choose is up to you and your bride but keep things classic with a three-piece and you’ll still look super smart.

  1. Still Sport a Pocket Square

Pocket squares and ties usually go hand in hand to create the ultimate accessory combination but just because you’re ditching the tie, doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to the pocket square too.

A cleverly folded handkerchief in your jacket pocket is a real smart statement and takes your outfit from smart casual to seriously formal, so if you’re wanting to keep your look wedding ready without the tie, the pocket square is non-negotiable.

  1. Consider a Cravat Instead

If you’re simply boycotting the idea of wearing a tie because you find it restrictive and uncomfortable around your neck then a cravat may be an ideal alternative for you.

A men’s cravat is a bit like a neck scarf that is worn directly around the neck and inside the shirt, as opposed to under the collar, meaning you still wear the collar open, so this option is a lot more breathable and provides a lot more room around the neck.

So, if you really are not a tie man but still want to look smart for your wedding, these top tips can help you work the look and still look dapper for your other half as you wait at the bottom of the aisle!

If you were a groom that went tieless for your wedding, let us know how you made sure you still looked the part!


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