How to Work Florals into Your Wardrobe

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A bit like marmite, some men love florals and others just don’t think they work for them but if you ask us, floral prints are something every man can and should incorporate into his wardrobe.

Whether it’s something subtle like a flowery accessory or something a little bolder like a floral shirt, there are plenty of ways to get this colourful and bold print into your wardrobe but if you’re not so confident with these kind of statement prints at the moment, we’re going to be providing some top styling tips to help you start working the floral look.

Start with an Accessory

If you’re nervous about wearing a floral print, start small and subtle with an accessory. We’d recommend going slightly bolder than a pair of socks but a pocket square is super low key and almost unnoticeable and then you can work your way up to adding in the matching floral tie too.

The perfect way to ease yourself into going a little bolder with the prints you wear without doing too much, too soon, a simple accessory can be easily incorporated to your outfit alongside a plain coloured shirt and suit which makes floral super easy to style.

Work Your Way Up to a Shirt

One of the favourite ways to work a floral print, a men’s floral shirt is more of an essential in your wardrobe than you may think.

You might be under the common misconception that a shirt as vibrant and busy as a floral is going to be difficult to style day to day but paired with the right suit and accessories, they’re very easy to pull off.

The colour of the suit and accessories you choose will depend on the prominent colours in your floral print but navy and grey suits usually look dapper paired with a floral shirt.

Don’t Clash Your Florals

Sometimes a clash of prints works seamlessly but as a general rule, mismatching florals is not a good look.

Play it cool with floral prints and stick to one design for your whole outfit and let that do the talking. By doing this, your floral print item will be easy to style and look effortlessly stylish.

When it comes to florals, the old saying of ‘too much is never enough’ doesn’t apply.

Perfect for Both Smart and Casual

The best part about becoming confident enough to pull off a floral print is that although bold and bright, they’re actually versatile for both smart and casual occasions, depending on how you style them.

Whether you pair a floral tie and pocket square with a formal suit or add a floral print shirt to a pair of jeans or chinos, there are so many ways to work a flower print in your wardrobe, no matter what the occasion.

So, whether you were a dab-hand at sporting florals or a complete novice before this article, hopefully you’re feeling totally inspired to incorporate this eye-catching print into your wardrobe now more than ever!


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