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The year has started with one of the biggest events in Men’s fashion and it has been thrilling watching all the innovators who eat, sleep and breathe fashion head to streets dressed in the most fashion-forward trends. Some of the key trends we spotted were;

Shades of Cool

Pick a colour, any colour and really run with it.Preferably one of your favourite colours as these hues will fit in nicely with your wardrobe. Guys were literally wearing 50 shades of grey at LFWM and it looked incredibly modern and trendy.

LMFW blog 4

Grab Your Coat!

Okay so coats weren’t the only outerwear making a centre stage appearance, jackets were big also, but the tag line is so much catchier. Layering was a biggie on the streets and added an extra dimension to the men’s trendy looks. The knee length overcoat was a key trend worn in many ways; it is a classic piece we think will never go out of fashion. This was seen on the catwalk and we loved SONGZIO’s adaption of the trend.

LMFW blog 5

Suits You Sir

The suit is a classic fashion piece which is always seen at these major events and this year was no different. We saw a massive swing towards suits styled to the wearer’s personality, whether it is minimal and sleek or bold and demanding. So our advice… be yo-self! It’ll ooze confidence in your style choices.

LMFW blog 6

Once again the designers have outdone themselves and we are excited to see how the trends presented at this year’s London Fashion Week Men’s trickle down to into mainstream fashion. Now London Fashion Week Men’s is done our eyes are turned to the endlessly dapper Pitti Uomo and we know the guys who attend this event never disappoint! Look out for our round up coming up.


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