Men’s Denim Style Guide

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Denim might have been a big hit back in the 90’s but after having a short lull, it’s back in trend and in our opinion, the world of men’s denim is currently the best it’s ever been.

Not only is double denim now a stylish look we’re all loving but the boundaries of denim for men have been pushed more than ever before, with different colours, styles and ways of wearing denim now being available for gents and we are all for embracing this denim revolution!

We’ve created this go-to guide for styling denim as a guy, so if you’re a newbie in the world of denim jeans, jackets and more, we’re going to ease you in so you can become the master when it comes to working denim for every occasion!

Men’s Denim Jeans

It’s the most obvious way of sporting denim as a gent and that’s jeans! Denim jeans are no longer a one style suits all situation with more options being available than we can even begin to think about, so it’s fair to say that the men’s jeans department can be a little overwhelming.

With every brand offering something a little different and the hottest styles ever-changing, we’re going to provide you with a three-piece denim jeans shopping list that will cover you for all occasions.

The Light Wash Jean

It might feel a little bold for some men but we think every male needs a pair of light wash blue jeans in his wardrobe.

Not only the perfect option for the warmer weather thanks to the paler colour, light wash denim jeans naturally have a more casual feel to them, making them the ultimate option for those more laid back occasions when a relaxed pair of jeans and a t-shirt is the perfect attire.

It really is up to you how light you go; we have jeans that range from a very pale blue to something just off your classic denim colour, so depending how confident you are will determine how light you’re prepared to go but whatever shade you choose, we can guarantee your light wash jeans will get a lot of wear!

The Classic Blue Denim Jean

We can’t talk jeans without reminding you that you need an essential pair of classic blue denim jeans in your collections. It’s obvious but it’s also a gap in our wardrobe that many of us guys find ourselves struggling to fill as we battle with different fits and shades to find the perfect pair.

We stock simple blue denim jeans from a range of best-selling brands such as Levi’s and Wrangler, so you can be confident shopping for men’s jeans at Slaters that we’re going to have the ideal pair for you.

Classic blue denim jeans for men are a style staple for both smart and casual occasions as you can dress them up or dress them down with shirts, t-shirts and jackets, so we strongly recommend shopping around to find the style that is just right for you as you’re going to be sporting them a lot!

The Black Denim Jean

Our third and final must-have pair of men’s jeans is a pair of black jeans and this is the pair that we really think no gent should be without!

Black jeans are the ultimate smart casual addition to your wardrobe as you can style them up with a shirt, blazer and brogues or dress them down with a t-shirt and trainers, so we really think there is no better investment than a quality pair of black jeans for men!

Whether you prefer a skinny fit, slim cut or something a little more relaxed, we’ve got a selection of men’s black jeans here at Slater Menswear to suit every guy, no matter what his shape or style, so shop our collection of black jeans and find your ultimate pair!

Men’s Denim Shirts

Denim isn’t just reserved for the bottom half of your outfit anymore with denim fabric now being a popular choice for dressing your top half too!

Denim shirts are a real smart casual go to for men, ideal for drinks with friends, meals with family and of course, date nights, so if you’re looking to mix up your shirt collection and add something a little more on trend, a denim shirt is a must!

We’ve got men’s denim shirts in a range of different shades to suit all your fashion needs, so whether you fancy a deep, dark denim or something a bit lighter, we’ve got denim shirts for men from Farah, Duke and a selection of other brands, in a range of different styles to suit everyone’s wants and needs.

Men’s Denim Jackets

Continuing with the theme of dressing the top half of your outfit with denim, we can’t not talk denim jackets.

A bit of a blast from the past, denim jackets originally became a must-have item of clothing for men back in the 1980’s but over the last few years, they’ve had a real revival and are now loved in a range of shades including black and blue and are being worn in so many different ways.

We’re all for the classic look here at Slaters and we think having a blue denim jacket in your wardrobe is a real investment piece you won’t regret. Pair it with black jeans to break up the look or go all out with a statement double denim look and add your blue denim jacket to a pair of jeans in the same shade.

We have both plain denim jackets and men’s denim jackets with lined collars, so whatever look you want from your denim jacket, you’ll find the right one here!

Denim is big business and we know what works for men when it comes to this classic fabric, so take our advice when it comes to wearing denim and you can step out in confidence that you look seriously on-trend in your denim!

What’s your go-to look when it comes to wearing denim? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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