Mens Halloween Makeup Ideas

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mens halloween ideas

Halloween – just over two weeks away! And what better date to bring this spooky-inspired blog than Friday 13th. For this week’s post we’ve enlisted the skills of our very own Ciara from the online team, in her spare time she has a YouTube channel for makeup tutorials and this time of year is her fave as she can get super creative with some incredible makeup for both women and men. She’s been kind enough to share her secrets on how to create some amazing Halloween looks guaranteed to make an impression on the scariest day of the year, so without further ado… let’s hand you over to Ciara.


Before we begin the scary makeup tutorials…here’s some FUN FACTS FOR FRIDAY:

Halloween is celebrated in tons of countries all over the world with some awesome traditions. In Mexico, the residents celebrate and honour the dead which is known as Dia de los Muertos. Treats such as fruit, peanuts and tortillas are left out for the ghosts of children, while adults receive cigarettes and shots. In Singapore it is believed that the Gates of Hell are opened and all of the dead are set free to roam the earth. Opera is offered out of respect for the dead and people genuinely avoid celebrations around this time. People also travel from all across the world to visit Romania on Halloween, more specifically, Bran Castle in Transylvania which is famous for Count Dracula and holds a number of tour guides around the fear-filled monument.

However here in the UK, nightlife is very popular at Halloween and there are two types of people in the run up to this highly-hyped celebration.

ONE: The Hardcore Halloween’er – you know this type of person already. They start planning their next Halloween costume before the previous makeup has even been removed. Nothing is too detailed, too intricate, bigger and bolder is better in their eyes.

TWO: The “Do I really need to dress up” kind of person – Probably in the dictionary described as your best mate who is constantly dragged out year after year, with a frown, a drink and white bed-sheet over their head.

Here at Slaters, we have put together two Halloween makeup ideas for 2017 which involve either maximum or minimum effort.

Our first look is the Night King from Game of Thrones. If you haven’t already heard or seen of this guy – where have you been?! Without giving any spoilers away, he’s one of the most bad-ass creatures to grace our TV screens and although the majority of people despise him, you can’t deny how cool he looks.

This look may require a little more patience than usual and more of a creative hand, however once you have the basics down, it’s relatively easy to bring together.


Bald Cap

  • Liquid Latex
  • Cotton Wool
  • Face Paint – Black, white & grey
  • Sponges
  • Paintbrushes
  • Ice blue eye contacts
  • Play-doh or prosthetics
  • Cotton Buds


Our second look is a Zombie. One of the most over-done Halloween looks but still really fun and versatile as you can theme it to different characters/occupations etc. It’s really easy to do and you can find items in EVERY Halloween shop or even a pound shop. For this look we’ve hijacked the face of Jonny from marketing to show you how easy it is to create this look.

how to do zombie face makeup for men


  • Face paint – White/Black
  • Eyeshadow – Purple/red/green tones
  • Liquid Latex
  • Fake blood
  • Sponges
  • Contact Lenses (optional)

This look can be as gory as you like, the messier the better and it doesn’t take a genius to do! Even if you make a mistake, it adds to the design.

Now if any of the ladies in your life are looking for some Halloween inspo, then send them along to my page @ciarawhyte_ for a selection of easy and more challenging Halloween makeup tutorials.

easy halloween makeup ideas by ciara whyte.

We hope you have a fantastic Halloween, whatever the celebrations may be and have a fun time creating your costume! If you try to tackle the looks shown above please share your spooky pics with us on Twitter and Instagram.




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