Mens Style Essentials – The Flannel Shirt

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mens flannel shirts

Welcome to the first in a series of bi-weekly articles we’ll be writing for you called ‘The Essentials’. These are the timeless pieces of clothing that should be in your wardrobe at all times!

We decided to start our guide to The Essentials with the perfect Autumn addition – The flannel shirt. By no means does that mean this shirt is only for one season. It’s a great transitional piece for warm to cold weather, and back again. The whole idea behind the essentials is that these are timeless classics – pieces that can be used year round and should remain in your wardrobe (in some form or another) constantly.

Found in most casualwear selections; the flannel shirt has become a menswear staple in recent years. You can wear it over a t-shirt, with baggy jeans, skinny jeans, trainers, loafers. I even saw a guy wearing it with a suit once – you get the idea!

Brave Soul

Brave Soul started out in Manchester with the goal to bridge the gap between catwalk fashion and high street. They take their design inspiration from various locations across the globe offering fashionable clothing styles. All levels of quality control remain within their offices and this can be seen in their flannel shirts – handcrafted meaning each one has a slightly different look leaving no shirt the same. A regular fit keeps these casual all year round with a design fitting of all seasons.

brave soul casual shirts


Ah, the quintessential British jacket and a true example of style offered from our home nation. Founded in 1984 Barbour started with a reputation mostly in outerwear for fisherman battling the North Sea weather (Scottish weather at its finest). Now synonymous with their luxurious quilted and waxed jackets they have expanded into casualwear. Their flannel shirts are designed with their Scottish heritage in mind with a heavy emphasis on tartan, they provide a casual fit that can be worn in relaxed settings with jeans providing easy style with minimal effort.

Barbour casual shirts

Fynch Hatton

Fynch Hatton are another of our premium quality brands, taking their name from Denys Finch Hatton – a British aristocrat who spent time in South Africa. This has led the brand to follow an African theme with vibrant colours and a nature, earthy feel to their designs. Their flannel shirts are extremely durable thanks to the stitching (no need to worry about lost buttons) while the shirts were developed with an easy care finish keeping the cotton soft and breathable.

fynch hatton casual shirts

Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones are a casual high street brand tailored for young men. Like so many brands they started in jeans and branched out from there providing high quality craftsmanship through their range. Their flannel shirts fall into their ‘Premium’ category and are slim fit by design and – from their Scandinavian roots –  they provide a laidback casual feel that can be dressed up or down for all occasions.


Levi’s – You’ve seen cowboy movies, right? Flannel shirts go superbly with jeans and these are the guys who invented Denim. Again jeans are where these guys started back in 1853 – their mens collection has grown since then with an attention to craftsmanship and quality. Their flannel shirts epitomize class and effortless cool providing a contemporary fit that has been embraced by generations, Truly a classic.

LEVIS casual shirts


Not to be outdone by their American counterpart (American’s, they know their jeans), Wrangler released jeans in 1947 and became an instant hit with cowboys and the rodeo market cowboy. Their jeans were made with bull riding in mind and their flannel shirts are no different – durable, stylish and made for any heavy duty performance. Wear on top of a tshirt for a polished layered look or on its own where the material itself feels great on skin.

wrangler casual shirts

Above you saw some examples across a number of brands we have here at Slaters – after researching and spending quality time with each item I did end up purchasing two for myself, you’ll have to guess which ones though! Now bear in mind, some of the styles featured are limited editions or only available in selected stores, so if you see something you like but can’t find it online then send us a message by clicking right here.

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