Mens Style Essentials – Ties

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mens ties - style essentials

Welcome back to our series of articles about ‘The Essentials’. These are the timeless pieces of men’s clothing that should be in your wardrobe at all times!

The Essentials – Part 2: Ties

Welcome to Part 2 of ‘The Essentials’ where this time round I’ll be focussing on ties – a key part of every man’s wardrobe that can make or break an outfit.

When it comes to ties, entire essays could be written – there are various factors that can be taken into account; Tie, Bowtie, skinny, slim, fat, textured, silk, knitted, plain etc.

For simplicities sake (and the fact the attention spans only last so long) I thought I’d focus on three types here and save other factors for future dates.

Wool Effect Ties

Tying (pun) things into this season, I’ll give Wool effect ties a look as they are perfect for the Autumn/Winter season (I think they look good all year round but, depending on where you live, wool’s insulating effect is ideal for colder months and could be stifling in the warmer ones). When it comes to style, wool ties are best matched with tweed and flannel clothing – you don’t want a floppy silk tie distracting from your textured clothing. A personal favourite is a white shirt, V-neck pullover combo with a burgundy one of these – I recommend this to everyone as a gorgeous combo and it’s yet to fail! Due to their similar design to that of a more traditional ‘office’ silk tie these also look very much at home modern day offices; worn over a flannel or denim shirt for the creative spaces or a suit for corporate ones.

wool ties

Knitted Ties

The wool ties more versatile cousin – knitted ties have been increasing in popularity year on year. With their horizontally stitched endings and tactile texture they were originally an unorthodox choice but now work well as a more casual option for neckwear. Understated pieces that go with any material or style of shirt that you own – making them perfect for a casual look, whilst also mixing well with suits and blazers (just make sure to choose darker colours for formal, lighter for casual). Speaking from experience, I would recommend only going for a four in hand knot as the material makes for an overly large knot when done any other way. This option really allows you to pull off a smart like whilst also adding a little extra something that helps you to stand out without being over the top, definitely worth trying if you haven’t already.

knitted ties

Floral Ties

A lot of men will see floral prints and instantly rule them out – often the case with a younger crowd due to seeing their grandparents wearing floral designs on holidays (thanks Tommy Bahamas…) and nobody wants to dress like their Grandpa. I ask that you not be so quick to judge, floral prints can be worn fashionably in ways that can make you stand out from the crowd. For those not willing to go full floral shirt – Ties are a great place to start. Not too stand out to make you self-conscious, but enough to show you’re interesting. A key thing is to make sure the print you choose matches perfectly with your shirt/suit of choice. Also take into account the season – floral patterns look great when worn correctly with the bold colours of summer and the more muted pallet of winter.

floral ties

With that in mind, go on lads, show us your ties on Twitter and Instagram try and impress us with your finest Windsor knot ;).



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