Our Top 5 ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ Episodes That Will Always Be Hilarious

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The wedding is paid for by the show and the couple are set a budget which the groom can allocate in any way he likes and as you can probably imagine, this has led to a fair few disastrous big days!

Some Don’t Tell the Bride episodes have been more jaw-droppingly hilarious than others and today we’re going to be sharing our top 5!

  1. Sofia and Craig and Their Oktoberfest Fail

Groom Craig thought an Oktoberfest themed big day would be a perfect fit for beer hating bride to be Sofia but needless to say, it didn’t go down well and they’re the only couple to actually not get married at the end of the show.

Sofia stuck out the ceremony before walking off instead of kissing her new husband and an end slate before the credits actually revealed the couple decided not to legalise their marriage and were currently ‘working on their relationship’.

Not entirely sure how you come back from a failed wedding together but let’s hope they worked it out!

  1. Simon and Kaleigh Tying the Knot in Vegas

Simon will probably go down in history as being one of the most indecisive men in history after he left it to a roulette board to decide the location for the wedding.

If the ball landed on black then they were jetting off to Vegas to tie the knot and it did but one problem… Vegas wasn’t really in the budget!

After video-calling his bride to be to let her know she had to pick 6 guests to come with her because of limited cash flow, Kaleigh went on strike at the airport and gave Simon an earful he’ll never forget BUT she did eventually get on the flight and made it down the aisle… but with fewer guests than planned!

  1. Ian, Hayley and the Local Leisure Centre

As if it isn’t weird enough that groom Ian wanted his bride to be Hayley to literally swim down the aisle and tie the knot underwater, his choice of venue was hardly romantic – the local leisure centre.

Gypsy bride ‘wannabe’ Hayley got all dolled up for nothing after she was donned with scuba gear when she arrived at the community pool before having to swim a length to meet her groom at the other end!

He justified his choice of venue with ‘Hayley loves her water’ but it just doesn’t seem a good enough reason really does it?

  1. Adam and Rachel Say ‘I Do’ as Kylie and Jason

Australian born Adam took his roots one step further when it came to planning the day he’d finally say ‘I Do’ with bride Rachel after he turned South Shields into the Aussie outback for a Neighbours themed wedding.

Dressing himself as Jason, complete with a bleached blonde mullet and picking a dress to match that of Kylie’s for his bride, the aisle was even lined with fake snakes yet surprisingly, Rachel ended up loving it but the rest of us sat at home watching not quite sure what to think!

  1. Billy, Steph and 50 Pigs Head Down the Aisle

After nicknaming his bride to be ‘little piggy’ for the majority of their relationship (which she later revealed she’s not actually a fan of), Billy decided to host their big day on a wedding farm with 50 pigs following his bride down the aisle.

He also attempted to break the world record for the ‘largest pig parade at an event’ but to add insult to injury, they actually failed… oh, and it rained all day and made the field even muddier!

All in all, not his finest effort and Steph didn’t have too much praise to give out about her big day!

So, they’re our top 5 episodes of Don’t Tell the Bride but which has been your favourite? Did you have a whacky wedding to rival any of these? Let us know on Twitter!


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