People of Slaters – Declyn Cooper


Welcome to another new blog series where we will be focussing our attention on the ‘People Of Slaters’. In this series we will be introducing you to some of the team here and the personalities that play parts behind the scenes and front of house.

We’ll be starting this off with one of our behind the scenes players – Declyn Cooper.

Declyn is the buying assistant at Slaters focusing on our formal wear department. All our suits, jackets, blazers, coats etc. Whether you love them or hate them – this is the guy to send your hate/fan mail to.

  1. When did you start with Slaters and how?

I started at Slaters as a weekend Salesman in our Ayr store around 8 years ago when I first went to University. I needed a job and really enjoyed dressing in a suit as I was very much a big James Bond fan. It was a nice change from my Sports Management degree and getting to meet people every day and challenging myself was really fun, it helped my confidence grow.

  1. What’s your role in the company?

I am now a Menswear Buyer for various departments including tailoring. I also put myself on the sales floor every 2nd Saturday to keep myself in ‘sales mode’!

  1. Tell us a bit more about your time with us?

I have spent my entire adult life with Slaters and in a way it has helped shaped me. I have had the fortune to work with very interesting people, some of whom are still around. I still remember when I first walked into Ayr to ask for a job!

  1. What’s been your highlight/greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement/highlight, so far, has to be when I was offered the position of menswear buyer. It was a bizarre choice initially as it wasn’t really on my radar but the Sales Director had noticed something I was good at!

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words

Only three words?? Kidding … 3 words: Tall, Suave & Loyal!

  1. What do you get up to in your free time?

I have a wonderful fiancé and a dog – both of who a lot of my spare time is spent with. I travel a lot in my position so, when I am home, I make a point of putting them first and then seeing as many family and friends as possible.

  1. In your opinion, who is the best dressed man in the public eye today?

For me there are a few – mainly David Beckham, who for years at been at the forefront of men’s fashion. The next one who be Jamie Redknapp who has rejuvenated the sports pundit fashion area along with Thierry Henry. They wear clothes well and makes it trendy to take pride in your appearance.

  1. What do you consider to be a tried and tested style secret?

Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you wear. I love a well cut suit – It gives me confidence and makes me feel like I own whatever it is I am doing.

That’s all from our very own ‘Super Cooper’ – Don’t worry that is NOT a thing and only he calls himself it. Sorry Declyn! We hope you enjoyed a BTS look at Slaters buying department.

  • Richard Merry


    Declyn is a top bloke, you are lucky to have him – Director material!

  • Bill Baillie


    I have known Declyn for many years and watched his progression, not only his professional career in retail. Very bright prospect for slater’s. He will undoubtedly go far in life and business. Well young sir.

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