Shirts in Summer – How to Make it Work

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The summer months have now arrived which means everyone’s wardrobes are starting to go through a bit of a seasonal revamp. One of the first things many men tend to push to the back of their collections when the sun comes out is formal shirts but for many, that isn’t an option due to work.

If you’re a man that has to wear a formal shirt throughout the summer months and generally dreads that over-heated, uncomfortable feeling, we’re here to help. We’re going to be sharing some top tips and advice with you today about how to make shirts work in summer, no matter how hot it gets!

Pick Your Colour Wisely

It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to summer fashion in general, it’s time to ditch the darker colours and let the paler shades come to the front of your collection and the same rules apply with shirts.

If you sport a black or navy shirt when the sun is out, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get too hot but if you go for a lighter colour such as white, pale blue, pinks and lilacs, not only will you look more suited for the season but you’ll also stay cooler too.

Think About Your Fit

We often opt for looser fitting clothing as a whole when the weather heats up for comfort and breathability, so why not apply this rule to your shirt?

A skinny fit shirt will sit very close to your body which is likely to make you feel pretty hot and uncomfortable if the sun starts to shine, so swapping for a tailored fit shirt will keep your outfit smart and streamlined but the shirt will be a little looser fitting and therefore provide more room for you to move and will help you keep cool.

Opt for a Short Sleeve

Formal shirts don’t have to have long sleeves, so the ultimate way to stay smart through summer is to opt for a men’s summer shirt such as a formal short sleeve shirt!

We have a range of smart shirts for men with short sleeves that are ideal for office workers who have to wear a shirt even throughout the summer, so if that sounds like you, it could just be a case of updating your shirt collection to make this item of clothing work throughout the warmer months!

Go Open Collar if You Can

We understand this isn’t always possible, especially in the workplace but if you can ditch the tie, we’d recommend doing it. An easy way to keep far cooler while still sticking with a smart shirt, leaving your tie at home and going for an open collar look will improve the airflow and breathability of your shirt, making it far more comfortable to wear under the sun.

As long as you just undo your top button and keep the shirt neatly tucked into formal trousers with a belt, your attire should still be smart enough for the office but always check with the boss!

Make Your Shirt the Statement

Men often use their blazers to make a statement and demonstrate that they’re wearing a smart outfit but for the summer months, we’d recommend making your shirt the smart statement of your outfit, so you can leave the blazer behind.

A patterned shirt is always eye-catching and gets people talking about how smart you look, so a top tip for staying smart but comfortable in your shirt during summer is to pick a bold print that will keep you looking formal without having to layer a blazer on top.

There’s no need to ditch your formal shirts just because the sun is out, just simply adapt the way you wear them! We hope you’ve found these tips helpful if you’re keen to carry on looking smart during summer!

If you find yourself sporting a Slater Menswear shirt in the sun, we’d love to know how you’re styling it, so send us your pictures on Twitter or Instagram!


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