Show Up to Your Wedding in Style in These Top 5 Wedding Cars

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There are many important elements to your wedding but one of the most essential things to get right for many grooms is the transportation for the big day.

We like to think we know a thing or two about cars but when it comes to recommending the best wedding cars to hire for your big day, we’ve decided to enlist the help of the professionals to ensure we’re recommending the very best cars on the market.

We’ve teamed up with Premier Carriage, one of the UK’s biggest and best wedding car hire companies and it’s fair to say that these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to wedding transport.

Serving Brides and Grooms from all across the UK with their portfolio of over 800 cars, the options are endless when choosing which car to hire from Premier Carriage but we’re going to help you narrow down the options with today’s post.

Here are the top 5 most popular cars available at Premier Carriage and all the reasons you need to be seen in them:

Aston Martin DB6

Old school but seriously cool, the Aston Martin DB6 is a popular choice for grooms wanting to create an entrance that 007 himself would be proud of.

An iconic British car that is closely associated with the James Bond films, this vintage but still classic looking and feeling car is ideal for the groom who wants to arrive at his venue with his best man thanks to seating three passengers.

aston martin wedding car

This well-engineered vehicle is guaranteed to have the wow factor and can even give your wedding a regal feel thanks to being the same type of vehicle that transported the newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after they tied the knot.

The Suit to Match: if you’re looking for the perfect suit to match the Aston Martin DB6 then you need to embrace all things 007 and opt for one of our classic black tuxedos.

Ferrari Spider

Have you got a need for speed that you want to satisfy on your big day? Head to the altar in serious style in a Ferrari Spider.

A fierce looking car with a roaring engine to match, the Ferrari spider doesn’t just look good but sounds great too and is the perfect mode of transport if you want to turn heads on your way to the venue.

Only enough room for the driver and the groom, this car is the perfect choice if you want to make a Hollywood-style entrance to your big day.

ferrari spider wedding car

The Suit to Match: any man stepping out of a Ferrari needs to have an effortlessly cool look which is why a classic three-piece blue suit is the perfect choice for sporting inside this seriously impressive supercar!

Dodge Charger General Lee

If you were a child of the 80’s then choosing a General Lee as your vehicle for the big day really is a ‘no-brainer’. An iconic car from this era but also seriously impressive in both style and substance, a General Lee has the power to turn heads of all ages.

A real American style car that is bound to help your wedding stand out from all the others, the Dodge Charger was made famous in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ TV series and has remained the ultimate cool car for decades since.

Suitable for 4 passengers, the General Lee is ideal for the groom with a smaller grooms’ party.

dodge charger general lee wedding car

The Suit to Match: if you’re confident and quirky enough to arrive at your wedding in an old school General Lee then your style needs to match and the perfect suit to sport for the occasion is our new grey checked suit from MRK

Aston Martin V12 Rapide

Could this be the definition of the ultimate supercar? Premier Carriage reckon it might be! The perfect option for the groom wanting to experience an adrenaline rush on the way to the altar with his best mates in tow, the Aston Martin V12 Rapide can seat 3 passengers and is bound to get your blood rushing!

The ideal mixture of sporty aesthetics and impressive mechanics, this Aston Martin doesn’t just walk the walk but has the talk to match.

The roar of the engine won’t just give you and your mates something to reminisce about for years but will turn your guest’s heads from miles away!

aston martin for a wedding

The Suit to Match: the Aston Martin V12 has suave written all over it, so if you want your suit to have the same appeal then a grey wedding suit is the way forward. The perfect middle ground between a safe bet and a statement suit, a grey wedding suit is ideal for the man wanting to play it cool but look effortlessly good.

Jaguar MK1

If you want a wedding car that all your guests will recognise and love then the Jaguar MK1 is a perfect choice.

The exact Jaguar MK1 available for hire at Premier Carriage was used in the Endeavour series, making it an iconic choice for your big day that all your guests will want to crowd around for a look.

Spacious enough to seat four passengers, your grooms’ party will be thanking you for years to come if you arrange for them to head to your big day in one of these classic cars.

jaguar mk 1 wedding car

The Suit to Match: The Jaguar MK1 has a seriously retro feel to it and is a perfect match for the effortlessly cool and quirky groom, so the ideal suit to match a man of that nature has to be a tweed wedding suit – ideal for the groom who wants to stand out in style.

Heading to the altar to tie the knot can be a nerve-racking time, so what better way to ease the nerves than to turn up in one of these eye-catching cars.

Premier Carriage has a selection of different cars available for hire all over the UK, so be sure to check out their website if you’re on the hunt for the perfect mode of transport for your big day!

Whether you were after unusual wedding cars or just wedding car ideas that would seriously impress your guests, we hope you’ve found this useful.

Did you make a grand entrance to your big day with the help of a stylish set of wheels? Send us your pictures on Twitter or Instagram!


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