‘Shredding for the Wedding’ and How to Get in Shape for the Big Day

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weight loss regimes that most brides fall into but do men feel the same pressure to ‘shred before they wed’?

We’ve done some research to find out whether men are also putting in the effort to get in shape before they walk down the aisle or whether it really is just women that worry about their weight on the big day and the conclusion we’ve come to? Men are definitely feeling the pressure to look dapper in their suit as much as the bride wants to look good in her dress!

We spoke to celebrity PT and brand ambassador for Bio-Synergy, Marvin Ambrosius, who has trained many famous faces but also many men in the run-up to their big days and he told us all about the reality of grooms feeling the pressure to look good for their wedding.

Marvin explained how “We see so much emphasis on women wanting to get into smaller dresses but I can tell you now, that Men wanting to look their best in a suit is getting even bigger”. Marvin told us how he thinks social media has a lot to do with what men now deem as the ‘perfect’ body that women want and although he thinks men should own the body they’ve got on their special day, he understands why men feel they have to make the effort.

But what do real grooms say about if and why they lost weight before their big day? Coach Magazine interviewed three men who had made a conscious effort to lose weight before their big day, which proves that men really do think about their appearance in the run-up to their wedding.

The reasons these three real grooms gave for wanting to shred before they wed were all pretty similar and they were along the lines of wanting to look the best they possibly could when they walked down the aisle, with one groom even admitting he bought a suit he knew wouldn’t fit to give him the motivation he needed to shift some excess weight before his big day!

So, it’s clear men DO care about getting in the best shape for their wedding, as much as their brides do but if you’re one of these gents, how do you go about getting fit for your special date?

Our celebrity Personal Trainer, Marvin, says “The best way to prepare for your wedding and lose weight is to invest in yourself by committing to working out 3-4 times a week and focus on reducing sugars and fats from your diet. If you have the budget get a personal trainer 3-6 months prior to the wedding date and you will get the results you want”.

However, Marvin did emphasise to us that “the most important thing to remember is that they said yes to the person that asked them to marry them so you have no pressure. Confidence is what got you here, use that confidence and be happy with whatever size you are on your big day”.

There’s no shame in wanting to change your physique for your wedding or not being bothered, do whatever feels right for you and helps you feel your very best in that perfect wedding suit.

No matter what size suit you take, you can find your ultimate suit using Slater Menswear’s Wedding Suits Finder and as we offer free alterations on all wedding suits, if you do lose some weight or gain some muscle, we can ensure your suit fits perfectly by your big day!






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