Slaters’ Favourite Manchester Eateries

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best places to eat in manchester

Our Slaters’ Manchester store has sat proudly in the heart of the city since 1988, and in that time, we’ve seen food and drink stops come and go, but like us, some places are here to stay.

Shopping can be tiring work, so what better way to re-boost the energy levels and finish off a great day in Manchester, than checking out some of the best joints for food and drink.

We’ve tried a lot of eateries in the city, and we’ve finally decided that it’s time to let you guys in on the best kept secrets in Manchester, the ultimate destinations for your favourite grub.

 Whether you’re after a beast of a burger, or a monster milkshake, we’ve got the best Manchester has to offer, all in one place. Keep reading to find out how to WIN!

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Best Burger Joint – Byron Burger

Burgers are a real classic, and you can’t beat a ‘proper hamburger’, and you’re guaranteed to get one at Byron. Located in 3 corners of the city, Corn Exchange, Deansgate and Piccadilly Gardens, so wherever you are in the city at lunch time, you’re not far from a Byron. Affordable, yet quality burgers at your service, choose from the basics such as ‘the classic’ and ‘the Byron’, or something more adventurous such as the ‘B-Rex’ or ‘the Chilli’. It isn’t all about beef at Byron though, their selection of chicken and veggie burgers will also give you something to shout about.

Instagram – @byronhamburgers

Twitter- @byronhamburgers

Welcome to the World of Waffles – Black Milk

Waffles are like a modern craze, and the limits of what you can stack on top of them, is truly endless. Black Milk Cereal, located in both Afflecks Palace and the Northern Quarter, are the king of waffles. If you haven’t already witnessed the wonder that is a Black Milk waffle, you need to check out their Instagram (not advised if hungry). Whether you fancy their ‘kinder mess waffle’, or something a little more classic such as Nutella and strawberries, it’s all available at Black Milk.

If you’re after a milkshake, then both Byron and Black Milk have got their milkshake game going strong. Check out Byron if you’re a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup fan because they’ve put them in a milkshake, and it works…very well. Or if you’re an oreo fan, then you may want to head to Black Milk to experience the crazy Triple Oreo Cheesecake Freakshake.

Instagram: @blackmilkcereal

Twitter – @blackmilkcereal

The Best Pizza Place – Ply

We love a pizza, and we love somewhere that satisfies every craving, whether that be an authentic Neapolitan style Margherita, or something a little meatier. Ply are based in the heart of the Northern Quarter, arguably one of the most bustling places for food in Manchester. Made with authentic techniques, their sourdough pizzas are up there with the best pizzas we’ve tried.

Instagram – @plymcr

Twitter – @plymcr

The Best Breakfast – Bills

 Whether you’re recovering from a heavy night testing out the city’s nightlife, or you need fuelling for a big day of shopping, you can’t beat Bills for a winning breakfast. Famous across the country for their brunch delights, the Manchester store, located on John Dalton Street, lives up to the high-quality standard we all know and love. Whatever your breakfast preference, Bills have got something for you, whether you’re eyeing up the pancake stack with bacon, or you’re being healthy with the granola, we guarantee you’ll feel energised and ready to go. And as if all that choice wasn’t enough, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the new additions to the Bills breakfast menu, launching soon (there’s cocktails coming!!).

As well as cooking up an impressive spread, Bills Manchester will also be hosting ‘Bill’s Summer of Music’ on 13th July.

Instagram – @billsrestaurant

Twitter – @BillsRestaurant

Top Steak in the City – Gaucho

Treat yourself to the manliest main on the menu, Steak. Manchester is full of top steakhouses and grills, but you just can’t beat Gaucho for a winning cut of rump or fillet. Full of flavour, and served alongside a selection of both traditional and unique sides and sauces, you’ll never have another steak like it. A great setting, for an even better meal.

Instagram – @gauchogroup

Twitter – @gauchogroup

King of Cocktails – The Pen and Pencil

A night out in the city should always start in a cool cocktail bar, so why not check out The Pen and Pencil? Located on Hilton Street, their diverse and unique menu of alcoholic concoctions has something to tickle every taste bud. From the Mexico City Mule, to the King of the Jungle, you can always rely on The Pen and Pencil to get a good night in Manchester started.

Instagram – @penandpencilnq

Twitter – @penandpencilnq

It’s all well and good us sharing all these delicious destinations with you, but dining out can be a costly choice. So even if you’re all spent up after your visit to our Slaters Manchester store on Brown Street, we’re going to be covering the bills for one lucky winner.

That’s right, it’s giveaway time again!

In true Slaters’ style, we’re going to be giving away a job lot of gift vouchers to spend in the above locations.

One spoilt Slaters’ fan is going to win the following gift vouchers, to be spent in the brand’s respective Manchester stores.

Win a free lunch for four at Byron Burger, Corn Exchange.

Two free meals and two free drinks at Black Milk.

Two free pizzas and a bottle of wine at Ply.

£50 gift voucher for Bills Manchester Restaurant

£60 gift voucher for Gaucho

£30 gift voucher for The Pen and Pencil

All you have to do is enter your email address (or use your Facebook login) and tell us your favourite restaurant out of the options available, and you’ll be entered into a random draw to win this bundle prize. Remember, alcoholic drink options are only available to those of you that are over 18 🙂 T&C’s apply.

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Good luck to you all, and thank you for reading. Let us know if you’ve visited our Manchester store by snapping your selfies in store and sharing them with us on Twitter or Instagram.









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