Slaters’ Guide to Getting Groomed for the Big Day

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male grooming fo a wedding

A pre-wedding beauty regime isn’t just something the ladies of the day need to think about but the men too. We’ve covered male grooming on the Manthropology blog before, so you know by now that we’re a big fan of anything that keeps us looking smart and sharp.

If you’re currently in the run up to your wedding and have already picked one of our dapper new wedding suits for your big day, it’s time to turn your attention towards getting your grooming routine started so you look as fresh as possible for this special occasion.

As always, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve teamed up with some of the best brand’s in the grooming business to bring you our top grooming tips for men and favourite products, so you can ensure you look as sharp as possible on your wedding day!

Facial Hair Prep

Facial hair is the ultimate accessory for every dapper man nowadays, so make sure you’ve got your beard groomed to perfection for the big day.

Dollar Shave Club

If you haven’t heard of the Dollar Shave Club, then where have you been all this time? A grooming subscription that was originally started over in America, Dollar Shave Club has now hit the UK market and is the perfect treat to yourself in the run up to your wedding as well as being an ideal gift to give the groom to be.

An affordable way to access the best shaving and facial hair products on the market without having to even leave the house, the infamous DSC starter kit subscription starts at just £5 for your first month. In your first box you’ll receive the 6-blade executive razor and Dr Carver’s Easy Shave Butter and for £8 a month after that, you’ll receive the replacement cartridges to keep your new razor working perfectly.

What could be better than knowing that a team of reliable experts have hand selected the perfect razor for you to ensure that your facial hair is trimmed to perfection ready for walking down the aisle!

shave butter

The Pure Collection Beard Oil

Once you’ve used your executive razor to create sharp lines and perfect facial contouring, keep your facial hair in the best condition with the help of The Pure Collection’s luxury beard oil.

The ideal way to add a little luxury to your grooming routine, the Pure Collection organic beard oil is made with a blend of high quality and high-performance oils to ensure it is as moisturising and protective as possible.

Including authentic Oud oil for the ultimate nourishment to both the hair and skin, this pure beard oil is free from fragrances and essences that could irritate the skin and is made with 100% real oils.

As well as protecting and conditioning the facial hair you have, using a beard oil like this one can help stimulate beard growth and produce thicker and better quality facial hair.

The experts at Pure recommend you rub a small amount of the oil in the palms of your hand to warm it through and activate the oil before rubbing through the beard and into the skin underneath. For the best use of the product, they recommend using a comb to distribute it evenly through the beard for a perfect finish.

beard oil

The Perfect Hair Do

Whether you’re a facial hair fan or not, most men take pride in the hair on their head and it’s one of the most important parts of their wedding morning grooming regime.

As well as finding yourself a barber you trust, you need to have a toolkit of styling products that you can rely on to help get your hair looking preened to perfection every time.

Moosehead are Australia’s number one male grooming brand and they’ve now come across to the UK, so the gents over here can up their hair game.

Their range of affordable styling products are designed to be easy to use while still giving a professional finish, making it perfect for the man who wants to look fresh out the barbers on his big day without spending the time and money on it.

Choose from their forming wax, shaping dough, gritty styling clay and grubby putty and find the one that provides you with the finish you love.

You can pick up your perfect Moosehead product in a nearby Tesco, Waitrose or Superdrug.

moosehead product

Trust the Professionals

As much as having all your essential products to hand is key to looking good on the big day, sometimes a little help from a professional can make the difference between looking good and looking great on your big day.

We’ve all got a favourite barber, so if you’re in the run up to your big day, now is the time to get yourself booked in with the person you trust most with your hair, skin and brows and get yourself ready for the altar.

Whether you head down for a trim a couple of weeks before the big day or go all out with facial treatments, brow shaping and a cut-throat shave, a visit to the barber is a great way to relax during all the last-minute stress and get yourself looking and feeling ready for this special occasion.

For the ultimate sharply groomed look on your big day, we’d recommend indulging in a grooming session a few weeks before the big day and then sticking to a regime that suits you up until the wedding to look like the best version of yourself!

We hope you’ve found these grooming tips and product suggestions helpful if you were on the hunt for advice on how to look good on your wedding day.

A sharp suit is an essential for the big day but to complete the look you need to pair it with perfectly cut hair and sharply styled facial hair.

If you try any of these products before your special day, be sure to let us know on Twitter or Instagram!




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