Slaters’ Guide to the Best Stag Do Ever!

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best stag do destinations

If you’ve stumbled across our stylish little corner of the internet, the chances of you being a groom or wedding party member on the hunt for a suit for the big day, is quite high.

And with a wedding on the horizon, comes the exciting prospect of the Stag Do.

Whether you’re treating it as your last lads holiday before married life, or just a chance to celebrate with friends before the best day of your life, it’s essential that your Stag Do is a time to remember.

Stag Do’s have changed over time, from being a night at your local pub with your closest mates, to becoming holidays to amazing destinations across the world with your whole groom’s party, and embarking on some seriously cool activities.

Planning the stag do can be a series of tough decisions, including where to go, how long for, what to do when you’re out there… You even need to consider what fancy dress costume you’re going to put the groom in!

As per usual, we’ve done the hard work for you, and joined forces with 3 leading Stag and Hen Do ‘travel agents’ to compile a list of everything you need to know regarding the top destinations in the world, as well as what you need to be doing when you’re out there.

Let us introduce you to, ‘The Stag Do Experts’:

Last Night of Freedomstarted back in 1999 by founder Matt Mavir, this UK based company has now organised over 25,000 successful stag and hen weekends.

The Stag Company – These Brighton based stag do organisers have over 10 years’ experience in the business, and can get organising your ultimate weekend with just a £50 deposit!

Red7 – With 32 years’ experience under their belt, and a ‘Best Stag Do Operator’ award from ‘I am The Best Man’, Red 7 know their stuff when it comes to putting together the perfect party weekend.

Best stag do destinations

Best stag do destinations

The Best Destinations

With the help of our experts, we’ve brought together a list of the most popular destinations for stag weekends in both the UK and across the globe, these places really know how to party.

Local Destinations                                                                                              

  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Dublin

Destinations Abroad

  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Amsterdam
  • Las Vegas
  • Benidorm
  • Barcelona
  • New York

The Best Activities

Whatever your hobbies and interests at home, there are some staple activities you just have to try on your stag do (when you’re not checking out the pubs and clubs obviously).

Once again, our experts have provided us with the details of the best activities to try on your stag weekend, and the best places to be doing them.

If you’re checking out Prague for the weekend, apparently you should be considering the ‘Steak and Strip Dinner’, as well as AK-47 shooting, the beer bike and white-water rafting. Last Night of Freedom also recommend checking out the largest night club in Europe, Láznĕ.

When it comes to Brighton, The Stag Company know this area best, and they inform us that you need to check out the mud buggies, go karting and a simple, old school bar crawl, however, they recommended mixing it up by trying some of the gin or whisky bars.

According to our experts, your Bristol itinerary should include clay pigeon shooting, comedy clubs and the Horror Escape Rooms.

For a weekend in Bournemouth, our Stag Do experts think you should be considering paintballing, mud buggies and ‘It’s a Knockout’, but apparently the ‘The PierZip’ is ideal for a groom with an adrenaline addiction.

Newcastle is a classic for stag weekends, and the opportunities are endless. The Stag Company would recommend you check out the casinos, bubble football and go karting, and the team at Last Night of Freedom, recommend the ‘Play with a Legend’ at Newcastle Football Stadium, the chance to play a game with a legend and even share a pint with them after.

If you’re heading to Nottingham for the weekend with the lads, we’d suggest spending your daytimes in Sherwood Forest, turning your hand to a variety of activities such as archery and assault courses, and then spend the night experiencing the city’s ‘Beer Babes Bar Crawl’.

If Dublin is your destination of your choice, as well as swigging plenty of Guinness, our experts recommend checking out the factory where it’s made, as well as the ‘Old Jameson’ Distillery, or even trying the ‘Pedi Bus Tour’.

Moving across to one of the party capitals of Europe, Budapest. Our experts would suggest you hire a beer bike to kick off the weekend, and then try out the ‘Trabant Trek’, and if you book with Last Night of Freedom, they’ll sort your admission to the amazing Szechenyi Thermal Baths.

When it comes to destinations such as Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Barcelona and New York, we’d suggest following the classic route of checking out the land marks and the night life, that is what they’re famous for!

How Long For?

According to a survey conducted by Red7, a third of people say the ideal stag do would be between 2-3 days long, but 7% of people interviewed said they’d prefer a 4-6-day trip and 4% even said they’d go for a week!

What to Take?

Your packing list will depend on your destination and what you’ve got planned, but we’d recommend taking a mix of casual clothes for the day with comfortable footwear, and smarter attire for the evening with more formal shoes, appropriate for bars and clubs. Slaters has you covered with our mens holidays clothes section, so be sure to check our website before you get packing!

So, there you have it, a definitive guide, compiled by experts, on how to plan the perfect Stag Do. Whether you’re the groom planning your own party, or a best man with a mischievous plan, we’d recommend checking out our 3 experts when it comes to booking, it is guaranteed to make your life a lot easier.

Last Night of Freedom

The Stag Company

Red 7

If you’re sporting Slaters on your Stag Do, be sure to let us know by sharing your snaps with us on Instagram or Twitter.



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