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josh cartu - slaters style icon

Most men will admit that one of their childhood dreams was to drive supercars for a living and have the lifestyle to go with it, but for Josh Cartu, that dream became a reality and he now lives a life that is powered by adrenaline and a love for cars.

Born and raised in Canada, Josh had clear idea of what he wanted to be when he grew up, and surprisingly, it wasn’t a race car driver. Josh had dreams of taking to the skies to become an astronaut or fighter pilot and although he has flown a Russian MiG-29 fighter plane 22km above earth, he appreciated neither of those were realistic career paths for him. Josh decided to channel his need for speed on the ground, and that is where his career with the likes of Ferrari and AF Corse Racing began.

Josh can now be found amongst his extensive collection of Ferraris, or taking part in race rallies such as Gumball 3000, part of an award-winning team at that event, Josh is set to go back this year. And if all that wasn’t enough, he is also the owner of Cartu Drifting, and is currently starting his own racing team, Cartu Racing.

If you hadn’t already gathered, Josh is pretty cool, so, we’re lucky that with his action-packed lifestyle, he managed to find 5 minutes to sit down and tell us about his other passion – style.

We gave Josh a grilling about all things fashion and this is what he had to tell us.

What is your casual style?

It depends how casual… I like to wear suits with a white v-neck sometimes and clean white trainers. No logos… nothing visible and I think it works even better with double breasted suits these days. For super casual summer, I like to wear an interesting pair of trousers, relatively simple shoes or trainers and a simple monochromatic shirt. Sometimes I add a very light scarf around the neck but kept inside the shirt as a small detail.

Do you re-wear the same casual pieces constantly, or do you mix it up?

I rarely wear the same outfit two days in a month.

What is it really like being a racing car driver?

Exhilarating, rewarding, but super stressful as well. I think this is part of the addiction to be honest.

Do you feel your career choice has made you more aware of your style and how you dress?

For sponsors, it’s definitely important to have a good image, good style and to take good care of yourself. This is something I learned to look after later in life but these days I do pay attention to it.

What is your favourite item of clothing you own? Why?

Bespoke white sneakers from Dolce Gabbana. They were making them with limited configurations but as a special request, they made them just for me with GAS on the right foot, BRAKE on the left and checked flags on the back. These are my favourite…

Are there any fashion trends (current or past) that you love but just don’t think you could pull off?

Capes… definitely capes.

Do you follow current trends on the high street and from designers, or would you say your style is individual to you?

I follow casually but I don’t have time to be a pro. I have many bespoke and one-off pieces that I’ve been lucky enough to gain access to thanks to my relationship with brands.

So, there you have it. Not only is he cool enough to own multiple Ferraris and have basically flown to space, but he also has custom made DG shoes with GAS and BRAKE on them. For more style inspo you can find him on his very own Instagram page.

That was what race car driving legend, Josh Cartu had to tell us about both his career and his style. If you fancy trying to recreate Josh’s signature styles with some of our pieces from Slaters, we’d love to see your final look, so get in touch with us on Instagram or Twitter.

We’ll be back soon with another instalment to our Slaters’ Style Icons series, and we’ll be chatting with another seriously stylish man.






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