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Life as a Scotland Travel Blogger

Travel has been in my bones all my days. Since my wee legs were able to carry me across Hebridean beaches, since I was able to get my head around Tintin comics and since I was struck dumb by my first ever conquered peak, I knew I was a traveller through and through. Merged with my love of the written word, my path to travel blogging was inevitable and Travels with a Kilt has been the culmination of my travel memoirs since 2012. I loved living out of a suitcase and experiencing some of the most spectacular, historically significant and unforgettably moving places in the world. But, nowhere got me going quite like home and I now spend most of my time travel blogging my way around Scotland.

And then there was the kilt…..

There is something cheekily liberating about swishing about on top of a mountain in full traditional attire. Of tucking into a Burns Supper or getting chucked about a ceilidh dancefloor with your knees out. To having the best ice-breaker in the business on when you walk into any bar in the world and, of course, to knowing that your ancestors will be looking down with a wry smile the whole time. Aye, kilts are special.

Now central to my blog persona, it is brilliant to work alongside top partners like Slaters, my long-term go-to kilt experts, and show why there’s nothing quite like them. For many Scots, they tend to make an appearance at weddings and special doo’s but, guess what, I’m a big advocate of getting them out much more regularly. It’s also a great supporting act in helping me to promote this little gem of a country at any and every opportunity. Although, in truth, it does kind of sell itself….

Why I Love Scotland to Bits

The Cities

We’ve got one of Europe’s most beautiful cities for a capital. Edinburgh has a very obvious appeal with the city centre dominated by a certain castle, Arthur’s Seat forming the ultimate backdrop and the slightly eerie charm of the Old Town that has been wowing visitors for centuries.

Glasgow is the gritty relative and is an architectural and cultural powerhouse. It boasts a colourful nightlife, great restaurants and numerous world class museums and galleries. It’s also home to some of the greatest people in the world.

Then there’s cultural and ambitious Dundee, historical Stirling and Aberdeen, Perth and Inverness that are fabulous bases to explore an endless array of nearby castles, estates, lochs and more.

The History

We’ve been around for a while, perhaps you’ve noticed. Whether talking about military legends like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, literary greats including Robert Burns, one of our many, many atmospheric ruins or our epic glens that hold so many clan secrets, there is something very much in the air. It’s what brings travellers in their droves, that chance to step in giant’s footsteps and feel the soul of this great land.

Buoyed by shows like Game of Thrones and, more specifically, Outlander, there has been a surge of interest in Scotland as travellers look to experience this stuff for themselves. The places that are full of mystery and ancient personality and that would leave any imagination exhausted. Just take a trip to the Standing Stones at Callanish, Clava Cairns or Kilmartin Glen and see if you don’t get goose pimples.


The Outdoors

My personal favourite. What most of us that live in Scotland’s urban areas rarely appreciate is that we are so amazingly close to the greatest of great outdoor adventures. There’s nothing like hiking Glen Coe, rafting in the Cairngorms or walking across Luskentyre Beach on a sunny day. Nature loving folk come from all over the world for this stuff – in search of memories to last a lifetime – and I wouldn’t swap it for anywhere.

So, trust me, have a dabble in Munro-bagging and see what our biggest and best mountains can do for you. Take a road trip through Perthshire, Argyll or Sutherland. Confirm that we have some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat on our coasts and island-hop to see why each of our 790+ islands is spectacularly unique.

Have I got you thinking? You can join my travels around Scotland on my website Travels with a Kilt, where you can keep up to date with my blogs and follow me about on social media. I’m sure you’ll find that Scotland is full of surprises.


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