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We’re back today with another installment of our new Slaters’ Style Icons series, and this time we’ve been chatting with Tom Bourlet, all round male blogging expert in everything from fitness to fashion, as well as travel.

Tom has been featured on here before in our Men’s Health Week post, and he’s also written about some of our favourite Justin Reece shoes over on Suit Your Look.

We decided it was time for us to sit down with Tom and ask him everything we want to know about his style, and here’s what he had to tell us.

What is your full-time job and what does a typical working week look like?

I work as the Search and Paid Media Manager for The Stag Company. The job is slightly bizarre. For example, in the past week I have been running the England qualifiers for the Bubble Football World Cup in Shoreditch, I have been creating video content at a nude life drawing photoshoot in Brighton, I’ve been consolidating survey results on the nation’s top fetish and I’ve been in meetings with Channel 4 regarding a new TV show.

Do you have a “go-to” look for work?

I’m in a suit once or twice a week, however on the calmer days I do love a lumberjack shirt.

If you’ve got an important meeting, what is your staple ‘smart look’?

The blue suit with brown brogues is a favourite of mine, while I will mix it up with the tie. Whichever colour of tie I opt for, the tie clip always helps to finish the look.

How would you describe your casual style?

I’m enjoying the sun in Brighton, therefore I’ve been donning a simple t-shirt and shorts combo most weekends. Right now, I’m wearing earthy brown shorts with a plain blue shirt, which combines professionalism and a summery relaxed feel.

Do you have favourites in your casual wardrobe that you stick to, or do you mix it up?

I’m guilty of getting bored of clothes a bit too quick, therefore I do tend to mix it up quite a bit.

If you’re attending a special occasion, what is your signature style?

Justin Reece brogues, a grey three-piece suit with a black belt and a red or blue tie. Alternatively, I do like to wear the grey suit with a black tie and a white handkerchief. I sometimes trade in the brogues for some Oxfords if the event is a bit more formal, such as a wedding.

Tell us about your favourite suit.

It’s hard to put my finger on one. My favourite was a silver and black Hugo Boss suit; however, I think it’s on its last legs, therefore it’s probably time I said goodbye.

Which would you say is more important to you for a formal occasion, a good suit or a good pair of shoes?

This question is devilishly cruel! One isn’t complete without the other. Most eyes will naturally be on a suit, however at a formal occasion there can be a tendency for everyone to be in similar colours and styles, therefore this is a chance for the shoes to help you stand out in the crowd.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

It’s hard not to say any of my suits. I am a complete suit lover and would be happy wearing them every day to be honest. They always make you feel a foot taller and motivated for the day ahead. The accessories feel equally as important, from the colour of the socks to the pocket square.

Would you say being a male blogger makes you more daring with your style?

People seem to expect you to be more daring when attending events. It can be really tempting to try out something a bit flamboyant, while you will find yourself falling in love with items you never would have previously considered before trying and testing them out.

If you had to pick one fashion trend (past or current) as your favourite, what would it be?

I maybe wouldn’t have said this last year, but I have to go for chinos. They offer the perfect balance between casual and smart, while they are available in multiple colours, looking great in navy, khaki, brown or red. In fact, the only colour I’m not a fond of is in the white, where they just appear a bit pretentious.

They go great with a casual blazer, can look perfect with braces and a shirt and a cheeky pocket square can be added to the look.

So, that is what Tom Bourlet had to tell us about his style, and we love his look here at Slaters.

If you can relate to Tom with his love of suits, nice shoes and accessories, shop our range at Slaters, and let us know if you choose to try the look, by sharing your snaps with us on Twitter and Instagram.

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