Street Style at Slaters

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Street Style – it’s everywhere! No longer strictly limited to the skater crowd, it’s taken on a life of its own to become a huge part of mainstream culture.

This explosion is largely thanks to Social Media, where people are given an outlet to show off their style and grow/or join the community.

And that’s what it comes down to… community. Whether you’re a style icon, influencer or just an everyday joe – you have access to likeminded people who support one another, rate one another and more importantly, build each other up.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, the Street Style community is massively positive – there’s a few trolls that crop up every now and again – but on the whole, it’s a lot of people saying really nice things to one another.

Having been around for 45 years – we’re always aware of the newest trends and fashions in men’s clothing but what’s really grabbed us with this, as great as the outfits can be, is the community.

The realness of the imagery, and the individuality just one genre has brought about, made us curious how we could help our customer’s be part of it.

So we ran a competition across Facebook in our first store’s hometown – Glasgow! (a city known for its own historic surroundings and unique culture). The competition was simple, just get in touch with for the chance to win a day out on a ‘Street Style’ shoot as well as some vouchers.

The amount of applicants was much higher than we anticipated, but in the end only four could be chosen – and our winners were Alfie, Gary, Florin and Zero.

We kept is simple with three outfits for each – first off was pure casual, where everybody got to mix up t-shirts, shirts and jeans that didn’t look out of place in our rustic first destination: Tontine Lane. You’ll spot the Levi’s t-shirt that dominated Summer ’18 for good measure.

Secondly we went with smart casual – shorts, jumpers, blazers and chinos with flashes of purple and orange to really stand out among the brick walls. Our guys were definitely getting into the swing of things by this point and start making me believe ‘clothes maketh the man’.

Lastly – suits (it wouldn’t be Slaters without suits right?). We decided to switch up locations and found our way to a staple of Glasgow nightlife – The Garage – where things started to look very Pulp Fiction-esque. The guys were in their element by this point, and we got them to wear a mix of our Spring/Summer collection, along with our soon to be released Autumn/Winter collection.

Then it was over. We wrapped things up, looked through the photos, and all agreed Street Style photos are something cool and raw. It’s not hard to see where the community has come from and why it’s going from strength to strength.

New ‘casual’ brands are popping up every day and high-end brands are jumping on the bandwagon (selling their casual street t-shirts at a premium of £100+!) so it’s not disappearing anytime soon.

The question that remains is how long can it stick to its roots, keep its uniqueness, and stay ‘real’ while it becomes more and more mainstream.

For now – we’ll keep our focus on the community side.

We’re already looking at the next city to take four people out in, so if you want to give a shoutout for your hometown, let us know below.


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