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beat the january blues

First up, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and bask in the glorious knowledge that the mad rush is over, the chaos of present buying, crowded shops and more parties than you can cope with is done for another year. Mmmmm, that’s a good feeling right?!

January is one of those months where the pressure is on to reinvent yourself, become a gym-junkie and a health food maniac. How’s about no! Let’s take a moment to focus on a few simple, stress-free ways to make it through January with ease.

  1. Book your next holiday – doesn’t have to be a fabulous cruise or an exotic, activity packed adventure. Even if it’s just a break a way for a couple of days, figure out what you’d best like to do within your budget and get it booked. It’s something to look forward to and will keep your spirits up for the bleak winter months. Don’t stress too much about the monies, most good holiday websites usually don’t need the full balance up front so you can spread the cost of your fun filled trip across the next couple of pay-days.

  2. Set realistic goals – a great way to goal-set is to take note of a small selection of things you want to achieve and instead of looking at them as big, scary, mountainous tasks, only focus on the first step you need to take to make said goal happen. Once that’s done then solely focus on step 2…and so on, and so on – keep going with the baby steps until the objective is reached. You usually find that once the first step is taken the rest of them become that little bit easier and you’ll find that your triumphant victory is just around the corner.

  3. Create an ‘awesome’ new playlist – this is an easy one. Whether it’s for your brand new exercise regime that you’re definitely sticking to forever and ever and ever….or just for genuine enjoyment when you’re commuting, working or hanging out. Discover new artists or rediscover old favourites,  put them altogether on a playlist, click shuffle and sit back and enjoy.

  4. Re-watch your favourite movies – Nights are still cold and the TV is your friend, pick out some classics and get yourself cosy on the couch and relive favourite moments from your top 5 films! It’s a super-easy endorphin boost, just add pizza for extra splendour.

  5. Now for the classic – exercise of course, but it’s not all about going shredding it at the gym and becoming a protein shake monster – they key to working out effectively is to find a way that suits you as an individual. Don’t force the gym on yourself if you know you hate it, find a fun, competitive sport you can do with friends, like badminton or five-a-side. Orrrrrr, another epic plan is to turn your work commute into your daily exercise routine, walking or cycling to work is an excellent plan,  you need to get there anyway plus it relieves the heavy guilt of not going to the gym, and the best part is….it’s FREE!!!! (It’s a triple win)!

Let’s make it through January together, come on, you’ve got this! For more words of wisdom and spectacular style advice, stay with us on the social networks, you know the ones…FacebookYouTubePinterestTwitter & Instagram.



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