The 5 Things to Consider When Picking Your Groomsmen

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As the groom, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the whole wedding planning process is who is going to be walking down the aisle with you.

Picking your groomsmen is a big decision and won’t just affect your big day but the whole run up to your wedding as the people you choose are going to be heavily involved from start to finish.

If you’ve got a long list of your nearest and dearest men in front of you and don’t know how to narrow it down, here are 5 top things to consider when picking your groomsmen that might help you select your official groomsmen!

  1. Are They A Friend for a Season or a Lifetime?

When you look back at your wedding photos, you don’t want them to peppered with people you’re no longer friends with, so when choosing the men you want to head down the aisle with you, it’s worth taking a little time to think whether they’re a friend that’ll hang around for a season or will they be with you for the long run?

It isn’t necessarily about how long you’ve already known each other but whether you think your relationship is strong enough to stand the test of time, so for those friends you’re not sure will still be on your list of mates a few years down the line, inviting them as guests might be a better option.

  1. How Reliable Are They?

We’ve all got those mates that we love but they can’t even remember to turn up for a pint at the pub, never mind a suit fitting and everything else involved with planning a wedding and being a groomsmen, so if you’re not convinced by their reliability, they might not be right for the role.

If the guy in question is a non-negotiable in your groomsmen party, like your brother or lifelong best friend, then setting up a shared calendar with very loud and clear notifications is probably a good idea.

  1. Will They Definitely Be Around From Now Until the Wedding?

There’s that one friend in every friendship group that is in his hometown one minute and then on the other side of the world the next and as much as we love those mates because they usually come with the best stories, they can be nightmare groomsmen!

It’s helpful if all your groomsmen are available from now until the actual wedding day so they can come suit shopping, to fittings, attend the stag do and of course, be there on the big day, so if you’ve got a friend or two who you can’t track down from one day to the next, they might be best as a guest.

  1. Is Your Other Half Friends With Them?

Your wedding day is about you AND your other half, so as much as you might have your own ideas about who you’re having as your groomsmen, it does need to be a joint decision overall.

Your groomsmen are heavily involved in a lot of the planning stages of your wedding, so if you’re choosing someone your other half doesn’t get on with, it could ruin their experience of planning their big day, so it’s always worth having a conversation with your partner and finalising your choices together.

  1. Do They Actually Want to be Your Groomsmen?

You might think that the power is all in your hands when it comes to choosing your groomsmen and that the guys you ask will be seriously chuffed to be involved but that isn’t always the case.

Before asking whether they want to join you down the aisle, it is always worth considering whether the people you have in mind will actually want to be your groomsmen.

Most men would be honoured to be asked but for a few, it just isn’t a commitment they want to make or something they want to take part in, they’re happy to be a guest but the role of groomsmen just isn’t for them.

So, have a think, have any of your mates ever mentioned not wanting to be a groomsman for whatever reason? If they have, inviting them as a guest is probably a better option.

Your groomsmen should always be your closest friends and family members, so if you want them to join you on your big day in this special role, it is always worth asking them regardless of the above but if you do want to choose the perfect group of lads to walk you down the aisle, giving these things a quick consideration can’t harm!

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