The Art of Dapper: The Suit – Part One

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Dapper: All men want it, only some men really have it. The art of dapper dressing is not an impossible task and all it takes is a little bit of effort and more than a hint of attitude.

First things first, you need to get the foundations right, however you choose to style yourself stay true to your own personal taste. If you rock a beard, make sure it’s well kept. If you prefer a clean shaven look then keep in touch with your barber so as not to ruin your efforts with an overgrown hair do.

Being well groomed will make achieving the dapper look easier and stop all your sartorial efforts being in vain.

The Suit

It doesn’t always need to be a suit, a blazer is just as smart for a more casual event, however the key thing to remember is the fit. No matter what style of suit you choose it will instantly look like you have made zero effort if your suit is too big or too small.  Invest in getting small alterations done, such as trousers shortened to a more modern break (a contemporary break should have your trouser finish just on the laces of your shoes with no folding of fabric around the hem). Remember you can get alterations for free when you click and collect your suit in store.

How to wear suit trousers

Your sleeve should finish just above the wrist and have approximately a cm of shirt cuff on show. More and your jacket sleeves are too short. Less and the sleeves are too long. It’s these little fit details that will keep you looking sharp and are subtle indicators of the effort you have put into dressing well.

How to wear your suit jacket

Style and Colour

If it’s dapper you want then it has to have a matching waistcoat. A blazer in a tweed or check with a mis-matched waistcoat in similar colours will look thrown together yet stylish for a heritage, country gent feel. Or keep the fabric the same but have a different colour waistcoat to the blazer. Opt for a tailored or slim fitting to keep the look up to date.

Dapper Style

For a suit, a tailored fit three piece in a classic shade is ideal. Blue may be the colour of the moment but to achieve dapperness a nod to tradition is best. A wool mix navy would be out top choice or if you like to make more of a statement choose a subtle Prince of Wales check suit, single breasted shapes will suit most men.

Make sure you choose a suit with a chest pocket and pockets on the waistcoat to allow you to add accessories.

Tailored Fit Three Piece Suit


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