The Art of Dapper: The Finishing Touches – Part Four

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Welcome to the 4th and final instalment of our Dapper Guide…time to not trip up at the last hurdle.

The last step in the road to Dapper is the most important one. The finishing touches are the key to getting this look right and for us more is more. Add cufflinks with an unusual design or in colours to match your shirt and tie.

The Cufflinks

Similarly if you can nab a pair of socks in a shade to match your tie or shirt then go for it! Anyone who see’s the flash of ankle will note your attention to detail.  Complete your new tie tying skills with a tie clip, functional and flash at the same time!

The socks

The Pocket Hanky is having a bit of a moment right now so to get this right either choose a similar colour to your tie in a mis-matched pattern. Matching your tie and pocket square will also work in the exact same pattern or colour.

The Pocket Square

Finally, if you want to turn your Dapper up to 11, add a pocket watch into your waistcoat pocket. We are fully committed to bringing the pocket watch back… this will be a hot trend in 2016! You heard it here first…

The Pocket Watch


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