The Art of Dapper: The Shirt and Tie – Part Two

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The Shirt

Tailored fitting, double cuff, cut away collar, luxury cotton. Look for these on the label and you are in the right direction. Everyone loves a non iron shirt when you are in a rush or prefer an extra 15 mins in bed but remember that no one said looking Dapper was easy! Don’t ruin your immaculate fitting suit with a poly mix, single cuff shirt.

The Dapper style is all about looking for an opportunity to add quirky details. A double cuff shirt is one such opportunity where you add in a cufflink to tie it all together. If you prefer a plain shirt choose a twill cotton but we would recommend a city stripe or check. A pattern formal shirt will add another layer of interest and make matching to your tie a bit simpler as you already have a colour to work with.

City Tailored Fit Shirts

The Tie

If you are working with a Blazer and Waistcoat then a tie is not needed but if you feel the need to include a tie then a knitted tie keeps this looking casual. For a classic suit, shirt and tie combo your tie will ideally mimic the fit or your suit. Classic width ties for regular and tailored fit suits with a slim tie for slim and skinny fit suits.

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Rule number 1 is learning to tie a Windsor knot. It really does make all the difference and once you have mastered this you can advance to more tricky knots that make an impact and can be a real talking point.  School tie knots are no longer acceptable!!

Classic combinations that work well are check shirts with spot or plain ties. Plain shirts with paisley or floral ties and Stripe shirts with spot, mini pattern or plain ties. Don’t try to pair stripes with stripes or floral with floral unless you are feeling particularly confident with colours. For instance a Blue check shirt with red or mustard spot pattern tie is a traditional city look that never goes out of style.

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