The Back to Basics Wardrobe – The Essentials Every Man Needs

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mens wardrobe essentials

Trends are ever changing and as much as we love to keep on top of the latest styles, we also appreciate how important your wardrobe staples are.

We have attire to suit every gent here at Slater Menswear, from three-piece suits for your smartest occasions to cool and casual items for your more laid-back days. We also have the best range of menswear essentials that will cater for every occasion, from your staple shirt to jeans you can rely on, we’ve got all those must-have items that every man needs in his wardrobe. We’re going to be sharing with you our ‘back to basics wardrobe’ which showcases all the essential items every man needs in his collection and the best ones to buy.


When it comes to choosing the essential pieces of outerwear to keep in your wardrobe, it can be difficult to pick from all the stylish pieces available on the market at the moment.

If we had to narrow it down to just two jackets that would be versatile enough to cater for every occasion, we’d recommend you keep an overcoat and a statement blazer in your wardrobe.


Men’s overcoats have become a statement piece over the last couple of years and are set to stay as one of the trendiest outerwear choices for men.

Although it would be nice to have an overcoat in every colour to perfectly match every outfit you create, if your budget or wardrobe space will only stretch to one then a black overcoat is likely to be your most versatile choice.

The classic long black raincoat from Yaffy is a perfect choice if you want a comfortable and versatile overcoat to go with every look. This knee length overcoat has a relaxed yet smart fit which makes it perfect for layering over suits for work or thick jumpers for casual occasions.

mens black overcoat

Statement Blazer

One of the most popular outerwear trends of the moment, a statement blazer is also one of the most versatile pieces you can keep in your wardrobe.

From effortlessly cool tweed blazers to bold but wearable checked blazers, our collection of men’s blazers has something to suit every style and each one is perfect for wearing with all kinds of outfits.

Whether your swap your matching suit jacket for one of these bold blazers or smarten up a pair of jeans and an open neck shirt with a tweed jacket, keeping a statement blazer in your wardrobe means you’ll always be able to dress to impress, whatever the occasion.mens tweed blazers


Whether you’re a man who dons a shirt daily or a gent who just needs them for the odd special occasion, every stylish male needs a certain few shirts in his wardrobe.

The White Shirt

No matter how often you require a shirt, every man needs a perfectly fitting white shirt in his wardrobe ready for when he needs it.

You may think a men’s white shirt is pretty plain, simple and easy to choose but the definition of ‘the perfect fit’ differs for every man, so to ensure you pick the best white shirt for you, be sure to check our shirt fitting guide before you purchase.

Some shirts just work for all shapes and sizes though, one of which being the classic tailored fit. A smart and flattering fit for all gents while still being comfortable to wear all day and night.

Pale coloured shirts such as blue, pink and purple are also great additions to your wardrobe if you’re looking to expand your shirt collection with other pieces that will be versatile with all your suits but as long as you have your trusty white shirt, you’ll always have one that matches your look for the day.

mens shirts


When it comes to ties, you could go crazy buying every colour available to cover you in all scenarios but if you’re trying to keep your collection minimalistic and just have the essentials then there are a few colours you should always have to hand.

If you have a black tie, a navy tie and a pink tie, then you’ll always have a tie to match your suit. These three colours are the most versatile choices when it comes to this important accessory, so it doesn’t matter whether your suit is black, navy, grey or burgundy, one of these three ties will be a perfect match.

Slim ties are a great choice for keeping your look smart yet effortlessly cool but if you prefer a traditional look, a regular width tie is always a reliable choice.

mens slim ties


Men’s suits… a passion for some men, an enemy for others. Whether you’re the sort of gent that only feels at his best when sporting a three-piece suit or the man who dreads those black tie occasions, every male needs a few staple suits in his wardrobe.

Suit buying doesn’t have to break the bank and here at Slater Menswear, we’ve got three-piece suits in styles, sizes and colours to suit every man and all at a price that will keep a smile on your face.

Although we’d love to say one of our new checked three-piece suits are essential for all men, when it comes to buying just the basic suits, there are three colours you need to consider and they’re black, navy and grey.

If you’ve got these three back to basic suits in your wardrobe, you’re covered for all occasions and are bound to have a shirt and tie to match all, especially if you follow our above guide.

mens suits

Trousers and Jeans

When it comes to choosing the best formal trousers to have in your wardrobe, we’d recommend following the same rules as suits. If you have black, navy and grey smart trousers then you’re set for all occasions and if you buy suits in these colours, then you’ve already got the trousers ready to wear separately from the jackets.

If you’re not a suit wearer and need to buy formal trousers on their own, shop our selection of men’s smart trousers and find the perfect pair for you.


Jeans are a casualwear essential for all men but if you just want to buy the basics instead of crowding your wardrobe with different jeans for every occasion, there are two particular pairs of men’s jeans we think you need in your collection.

A pair of black jeans and a pair of blue jeans will serve you well for all occasions and thanks to their versatility, will go with everything you could possibly want to pair them with.

Whether you’re dressing your jeans up with a blazer and open-neck shirt or wearing them for a more laid-back occasion and sporting a t-shirt and hoodie with them, you’ll be able to create every look you need with these two pairs of jeans.

mens jeans


T-shirts for men are another casualwear classic and although the t-shirt market is packed with all kinds of colours and designs, there are a few basic tees that every man needs.

Graphic and logo t-shirts are great for adding some colour and interest to your outfit but for a subtle look, you need a black, white, navy and grey t-shirt in your collection that is the perfect fit for you.

If you have these four simple coloured tees in your wardrobe then you’re ready for all occasions and will be able to create a whole host of casual outfits quickly and easily thanks to these versatile colours.

mens tshirts


Many men will admit that shoes are their guilty pleasure. Most gents love an extensive footwear collection and having the perfect shoe for every occasion but if you want to streamline your collection of men’s footwear and just have the best quality basics, we think there are four pairs of shoes that are the ultimate essentials.

Smart Black Shoes

Whatever the formal occasion, a pair of smart black shoes are always a good choice, so having a comfortable and stylish pair in your collection is a must-have.

Whether you prefer pointed or square toes, patent or matte leather, we’ve got a pair of black dress shoes to suit every man’s size and style.

Tan Brogues

Whether it’s a smart or casual occasion, tan brogues always come in handy. The perfect choice for pairing with navy suits and denim jeans, tan brogues are a classic when it comes to men’s footwear and will always be right on trend.

Our selection of men’s brogues has the perfect pair for every gent and although we’ve got brogues in every colour you could dream of, if you’re looking for one versatile pair to add to your collection, a tan pair are a reliable choice.

Black Chelsea Boots

When winter comes around, you’ll be thankful for having a pair of black Chelsea boots in your footwear collection.

This smart, stylish and comfortable choice of boot is perfect for all kinds of occasion and is the ideal choice of work shoe during bad weather while still being effortlessly cool enough to sport for casual events.

Men’s boots come in so many different styles and although we think the likes of brogue boots and desert boots are a worthwhile addition to your collection if you’ve got a bit more budget to spend, Chelsea boots are a classic and always worth spending your money on.

Casual White Trainers

No matter what your day to day style, every man needs at least one pair of casual trainers in his collection and we’d recommend choosing a white pair if you want to narrow it down to just one.

White trainers are effortlessly cool and seriously versatile, making them a great value for money purchase.

Men’s white trainers work for all kinds of occasions thanks to being the perfect middle ground between smart and casual, meaning you can sport them with jeans and a hoodie for a relaxed look or formal trousers and a jumper for the ultimate smart casual attire.

mens shoes

We’d all love to sport a new outfit for every occasion but if you want to streamline your wardrobe and go back to basics with the pieces you’re purchasing, these are the best essentials to pick up from Slater Menswear.

Whether you’re wanting to embrace the new trend of being minimalistic or you simply need to stock up on these must-have products, we hope you’ve found this useful.

What are the ultimate basic fashion pieces you can’t be without in your collection? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.

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