The Best Nights Out in the UK – Revealed!

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  1. Bristol

Fourth in the rankings is Bristol, a vibrant city that is divided into areas to suit different visitors.

From Millennium Square to The Water Side, the city centre to Kings Street, there’s a selection of bars, restaurants and clubs around every corner in Bristol and the mixture of big names and independently owned venues provides options for all ages and interests.

  1. Liverpool

Another city known for its nightlife is Liverpool, so once again it isn’t surprising that this location has appeared in the top 10 UK nights out!

Whether you head to Liverpool One, Concert Square or one of the city’s backstreets that are lined with bars and restaurants, there’s plenty to experience on a night out in Manchester, including clubs that will keep you entertained all night long!

  1. Islington

One of the more surprising entries to this top rated list, the people surveyed voted Islington in London as their 6th favourite night out in the UK, perhaps an area we don’t hear quite so much about?

Islington is actually a perfect mix of restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs, some of which are more affordably priced than those near Covent Garden and the west end!

  1. Leeds

A big hit with students and younger people, probably due to the number of local universities, Leeds definitely has a youthful and spirited feel to it which makes for a high energy night out.

Plenty of affordable spots for teens and young twenties partying on a budget but equally balanced out with high-end establishments for cocktails and premium dinners, Leeds has such a good reputation due to the variety of hangouts it offers.

  1. Glasgow

As a Glasgow born and bred business, we’re thrilled to see Glasgow make it on to the list of the best nights out in the UK because we really think it is!

Plenty to see and do all day round but when the city goes dark, it really does come alive! Bars, restaurants and nightclubs, whether you’re wanting a laid back bar to hide away in or live entertainment to keep you dancing all night, there’s a spot to suit everyone in Glasgow!

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