The Best Places to Sell Second-Hand Clothes

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A lot of men find themselves in denial about how many clothes they actually own. We stereotypically think of men being tight pocketed when it comes to spending their money on fashion and therefore having very minimalistic wardrobes but the reality of the modern man is quite the opposite and us gents now have more clothes than ever.

Many of us are reluctant to throw clothes away, ‘just in case we ever need them’ but what we should be doing is selling our old items to make room for the new and to earn some money to buy them with but where are the best places to sell your second-hand clothes online?


The golden oldie of the online selling sites, eBay is the original second-hand online marketplace but it is still one of the best places to make money for your old items.

eBay does charge a listing fee on most occasions, so there is a slight cost incurred when you’re selling but this site has millions of users across the globe, many of who check the platform for new buys multiple times a day, so the chances of getting your item sold are pretty high.

eBay offers you the option to sell your items to those in your country or even those across the world, puts you in charge of postage or collection and generally makes it really easy to put your second-hand clothing in front of plenty of people who may be interested in buying it.

One of the best parts about eBay is that a buyer usually has to pay you for the item via PayPal before they can finish the transaction, meaning you will probably have your money before you even send the item for delivery.


Arguably not what the social media platform was originally set up for but Facebook quickly realised that users were finding their own ways to sell their items on the site and decided to set up Facebook Marketplace, a dedicated area of the platform where Facebook users can sell second-hand and new items both locally and nationally without even leaving the site.

Facebook is the ideal place to make a quick, cash in hand sale to someone local, meaning if you want to get rid of some items in your wardrobe quickly and get the money instantly, this is the way to do it. You can use Facebook to promote your item then arrange with your local buyer whether they’re going to collect or you’re going to deliver and if you’re selling to someone further afield, you can use the messenger function to arrange postage and possibly receive payment via bank transfer or PayPal, as opposed to cash.

It really is the ultimate convenience option for selling clothes you don’t want anymore and could see you making money the day you put them up on the site.


The online clothes selling site that even celebrities are using, Depop has become bigger and bigger over the last few years, now known as the go-to dedicated site for buying and selling clothes you no longer want.

Whether your items are worn or still have the tag on, you can create a Depop account under your name, post pictures of your items and people can buy directly from your page. It is free to list your items and you’re totally responsible for managing your account, organising the uploading, pricing and postage of all your items but you also get all the money from your sale.

If you sell locally, you can arrange for the items to be dropped off or collected but as a worldwide platform, you also get to put your items in front of users across the globe, upping your chances of someone wanting to buy your item.

The unique thing about Depop is that you know who you’re buying from, so if you fancy adding a celebrity’s old clothes to your collection, you can with ease!


Said to be similar to Depop but with a slightly older audience, Vinted also allows you to set up an account, list your new and used clothes for free and promote to their wide range of users, meaning you’re more than likely to find a buyer.

Unlike Depop where people sell clothes from £1 to hundreds of pounds, the brands found on Vinted tend to be more high street and therefore marked at a lower price, so if you’ve got a premium item you want to sell for a good return, this might not be the right place to sell it but for those bags and bags of high street clothes you just want to make a bit of money back on, Vinted is perfect.

You set the price that your buyer will pay and are responsible for the full process, similarly to the other sites, so it really is easy to get rid of those clothes you’ve got lying around.

Thanks to sites and apps like these that you can access from your smartphone or computer at home and on the go, there really is no excuse for holding onto clothes you don’t wear, especially when there’s money to be made.

If you just want to make room in your wardrobe but aren’t so worried about making money, your local charity shop or friends and fa


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