The Best Vegan Restaurants in the UK

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V-Rev are open and honest about being vegan with a view to protect animals, as opposed to catering for allergies, however they do have a great range of gluten free and soy free options available.

The passion the owners of this diner have can be tasted in the food as every dish is designed to impress both vegans and meat-eaters in the hope to convert people currently not living a vegan diet into trying more plant-based foods!

If you’re roaming around Manchester’s Northern Quarter, V-Rev is definitely worth a visit!

The Flying Duck, Glasgow, G2 3AU

Not just a super cool vegan diner with plenty of options on the menu, the Flying Duck on Renfield Street, Glasgow is also a lively and atmospheric basement bar with great live music and an amazing selection of drinks to choose from, making a really cool place to unwind and socialise, as well as dine.

Unlike some vegan restaurants, the Flying Duck offers a really broad selection of cuisines on their menu, including classic burgers, a takeaway style doner kebab, nachos, oriental style mains and they even have a ‘brownie of the day’ for you to enjoy every day!

Gluten-free options are also available!

Holy Cow, Edinburgh, EH1 3DX

Located in a central location, the Holy Cow vegan café in Edinburgh is a cosy eatery with a 100% vegan menu!

Something a little different to the bigger vegan restaurants, this small vegan café has a menu filled with homemade plant-based dishes to please everyone including burgers, open sandwiches, salads and even cakes that have been baked in house.

The perfect spot for a tasty vegan lunch and a coffee with friends, this friendly and welcoming eatery care about the food they’re putting out, guaranteeing a good dish every time you go!

Junk It Up, Newcastle, NE1 5DW

Newcastle’s favourite 100% vegan restaurant and takeaway, Junk It Up are stepping outside of the norm when it comes to plant-based food to prove it’s not just all salads!

Using what they refer to as ‘fricken’ as an alternative to chicken, this vegan meat alternative is at the core of a lot of their most popular dishes including kebabs and burgers!

A menu full of all the takeaway classics just made to be vegan, Junk It Up really is a one of a kind eatery for vegans and meat eaters alike to give a go!

The Lazy Leek, Cardiff, CF11 9DF

After touring the food markets of Cardiff for long enough, the Lazy Leek has now set up shop in King Roads Yard to serve up their vegan street food!

A small but tasty looking menu, the Lazy Leek stick to what they know best which is burgers and a few extra special sides including chips and their alternative to chicken wings – cauli wings!

A 100% vegan kitchen and plenty of experience in the industry means vegan eaters can come here with confidence they’re going to be getting a great plate of food!

So, whether you’re down south, up north or somewhere in the middle, there are great vegan eateries all around you to try!

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