The Boys Holiday Check-List

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Your holiday will most likely be broken down into 6 simple stages.

First off…the hopeless optimism that you will come back in as good condition as when you left.

The Second Stage is the sheer buzz you get when you step off that plane into a facefull of glorious heat.

Third, the inevitable blur that is the first day/night in which you doubtless underestimate the necessary amount of sun cream to put on, agree to take part in a dare that you hope wasn’t filmed and put on Facebook for your mum to see and then blow two thirds of your spending money by 1am (100 euros a day my eye).

Stage Five is when you ease into the sunny routine of holiday life and attempt to live life to the max on very little sleep and what could be kindly described as the teeniest touch of overindulgence.

Lastly, Stage Six, the one we’ve been dreading…upon homecoming – THE FEAR.

(To the diligent eyed among you, you may have noticed there is no stage 4…this is the portion of the holiday that goes mostly unremembered and definitely unspoken… what happens in stage 4, stays in stage 4). 😉

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, before you go you need some new summer threads. Once you’ve booked and paid for your lads holiday, the spending money has been studiously saved, the last thing you want is to worry about is spending your hard earned drinking money on expensive clothes.

We urge you not to break the bank on your holiday wardrobe, there’s time for that in later life when you are all grown up and responsible, but this is a boys holiday! Here is how you make the most of it AND look on point, on fleek? Totes amaze…or whatever it is the ‘cool’ kids are saying these days.

So, here we have it, the following will get you through 1 full week and for those crazy fortnighters…simply double it.

It’s best to take a t-shirt/polo shirt per day, there are loads to choose from, our top recommended colours are pink (yes pink) any shade of blue or grey and classic white. The best value polo shirts are to be found in our Lambretta range, you will save over £20 on each one so why not stock up on a couple.

Swim shorts, grab a handful of these from £4, a few in bright block colours and perhaps a couple of jaunty patterned numbers for the obligatory booze cruise or pool party. Look out for our swim short and flip-flop combos from just £10 which are brand new today.

Your evening look is also ridiculously easy, go for a pair of tailored or denim shorts – even throw on a chino if you think you can take the heat. Chuck on a short sleeved casual shirt or a round neck plain t-shirt and you’re good to go.

Daytime Footwear…simples, two or three pairs of flip flops should see you through – we recommend this many because as we know, those pesky flip flops have a terrible habit of disappearing, guaranteed you will complete your trip with an odd number in your possession.

Nighttime Footwear, has to be – the boat shoe! We know you discerning gents like to invest in some fancy footwear so if you want a top brand that is the best of the best, the Timberland boat shoes are a solid choice. If these are a bit on the pricey side then there is still plenty to choose from, trainers are usually acceptable on hol but best to keep a shoe in the stash just incase – the Frank Wright loafers are easy-wear and pretty much go with everything.

Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget your sunnies…they have the obvious function of minimising the glare from that big, bright ball of fire in the sky we so seldom see AND, the best part…hangover covererupper.

There you have it lads, keep safe on your travels and don’t forget to tag @slaters1973 on Instagram with your holiday snaps (obvs only if you’re wearing clothes from Slaters…otherwise that’s just weird).

Have Fun!




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