The Capsule Suitcase: Summer Holiday Addition

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So, you’ve decided to prove a point that you CAN go away for a week with only hand luggage and now you’re looking at your carry-on case with only 10kg to work with and wondering how you actually make this work… don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Introducing you to the capsule suitcase, a method of minimalistic packing that means you pack a small selection of versatile basics that can be mixed and matched and keep you looking fresh all week!

So, what do you need to pack in your summer holiday luggage if you’ve only got a little weight to work with?


If you’re going somewhere warm, you basically only need t-shirts for your top half because you can dress them up or down for day and night and let’s be honest if you’re by the pool all day, every day, you won’t be wearing a top very much anyway!

We recommend for a week away that you take two white t-shirts, a black t-shirt and one coloured t-shirt. You can rotate these 4 t-shirts throughout the 7 days and as you’ll have a couple of short sleeve shirts with you too, you won’t be wearing them every day anyway!

Short Sleeve Shirts

Speaking of short sleeve shirts, we recommend packing two in your case for smarter evenings and for if you fancy a change from a t-shirt!

We’d recommend pale colours such as white and light blue as they’re better in the heat but they’re also super easy to style with different coloured shorts and trousers.

Shorts and Trousers

Three pairs of shorts and a pair of long trousers will see you through the days and nights of your holiday, as long as you keep them clean.

Because you’re packing minimal on trousers to save weight and space, we recommend sticking to darker colours as if you do happen to spill anything on them throughout the week, you can clean them up easier and not worry about them looking dirty!

We recommend two pairs of dark coloured casual shorts, a pair of darker coloured tailored shorts for days and nights and a pair of navy linen trousers for dining in the evening if where you’re going won’t allow you to wear shorts.


Three pairs of swim shorts should be fine to rotate across the 7-days. You won’t necessarily be chilling by the pool or on the beach every day depending on where you’re travelling too but even if you’re planning on a week of sitting in the sun, swapping between three pairs of swimming shorts should be fine.

Make sure you leave your swim shorts on the balcony if you have one to dry at the end of each day to ensure they’re ready to re-wear in a couple of days’ time.


Your shoes are often what ends up weighing your case down, so you want to think carefully about what footwear you take to avoid this.

We would recommend a pair of flip flops or waterproof sandals for by the pool and on the beach, a pair of boat shoes that are smart enough for evenings and a pair of trainers for wandering around in the day.

The key to packing light is to wear your heaviest shoes when you travel, which is likely to be your trainers, so all you need to pack in the case is your flip flops and a smarter pair of shoes.


Once you’ve packed the above and your underwear for the week, towel and toiletries, you should still have enough weight left for some accessories and if not, you can just wear them to the airport!

One pair of sunglasses is enough and you’re likely to want to keep them with you anyway! We’d then recommend a baseball cap or whatever type of summer hat suits you and if you think you need it, a belt that will match all your shorts and trousers.

Any jewellery you wear such as a ring or watch, we’d just wear this to the airport and at least you know it is safe.

So, there you have it, a streamlined, capsule collection of clothes that will keeping you looking dapper on your week away without weighing you down! If you’re raring to get packing now but need the clothes to put in the case, shop the Slater Menswear Holiday Shop today to pick up all the bits you could possibly need!

Do you have any top tips for packing light on your holidays? Let us know on Twitter!


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