The Definition of ‘Dad Fashion’

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Dads were once thought of as living in their work clothes and not being very inspired on the style front, but times have changed. Dads are now leading the way in male fashion and breaking the stereo-type that dad’s have no style.

More dad’s than ever are starting fashion blogs, going into the modelling industry and running highly followed Instagram accounts. So what does modern day ‘dad fashion’ look like? Do dad’s really care what they wear now, or does social media just make it look like dads now have more style than ever.

When you first become a dad, it isn’t the most fashion forward of times but sporting a suit or dapper outfit to the school playground is now more common than ever. So we’ve decided to show you what we think are the most popular outfits amongst all different kinds of dads.

The Smart Dad

Many dads are office based and can often be found sporting a suit to the school drop off. For our high-flying business dads, we’d suggest one of our modern yet classic three piece suits. Add a touch more personality with this stand out three piece with a double breasted waistcoat from the OneSix5ive collection.

The Casual Dad

Casual wear is were you really get to show your true personality and style with no formal constraints. At one time, we’d think of casual ‘dad fashion’ as drab and ‘mismatched’ but nowadays Dads are trendier than ever before and we see many a man wearing stylish and trendy casual looks.

Well fitted jeans, a casual polo shirt and cool trainers are a favourite amongst modern dads.

Dads on Holiday

The days of ‘socks and sandals’ being seen as acceptable on holiday are well and truly over and men have started to sport some seriously cool looks on their holidays.

Baggy shorts and oversized t-shirts are a thing of the past! Sunny climates are now an excuse for dads to try out different tailoring and fits and allow Dads to explore with splashes of colour they might not at home.

We think a pair of tailored chino shorts, a slim fit white casual shirt with trendy casual trainers is a great look.

Dad Accessories

Modern Dads love to accessorise and are even starting to become more experimental with how they add accessories and colour to their outfits.

Classic accessories that are easy to sport during your busy days as a dad include cufflinks, ties and pockets square. These are simple ways to smarten up a look and add your own twist to an outfit.

The seriously cool dads are working colourful braces and bold bow ties. Not only does this ooze personality it also adds extra colour to the look and breaks away from the classic idea of ‘Dad fashion’.


We’d love to know what your staple ‘dad fashion’ is, what looks do you love? Let us know in the comments, or share your outfit pictures with us on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll find us @Slaters1973.


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