The Must Have Items for Your Autumn Wedding Outfits

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We love autumn weddings. The weather is colder which means outfits need to be warmer, which can make life a little trickier for grooms trying to choose their perfect attire.

If you’re a dapper gent tying the knot in autumn, we’re going to be sharing with you some autumn wedding outfit ideas that are perfect for the groom who wants to look seasonal but still keep a dapper style for his big day!

The Suits

Starting with possibly the most important element of your look for the big day, your suit. We think choosing autumn wedding suits is actually a bit easier than picking one for a wedding in the warm weather as you needn’t compromise on style because you’re worried about being too hot.

There’s no worrying about whether a three-piece is too many layers or whether a fabric is too thick or if a colour is too dark in autumn as the temperature has dropped, giving you free reign to pick pretty much whatever kind of suit you want.

For us, three-pieces are a must have for autumn weddings. Not only are they practical for keeping you warm but they’re also the perfect choice for an occasion as special as your big day.

Navy, burgundy, tweed and check suits lend themselves to autumn, perfectly fitting in with the colour palette you’ve probably chosen to suit this season.

Our selection of men’s suits has a whole array of wedding suits to cater for every colour scheme and season but our new collection has a vast selection that are perfectly suited for autumn weddings.

The Shirts

If you ask us, there’s only really one shirt any groom that’s getting married in autumn needs to know about and that’s the classic white shirt.

We’re all about simple wedding shirts in the autumnal months because we’re loving the bolder patterned suits at this time of year. As much as it’s possible to go all out with bold suit and shirt combos, if you want to look good whilst playing it cool, a white shirt will let your loud suit do that talking, making for an effortlessly dapper look.

White shirts might seem simple but there is more to choosing a white shirt than you may think. Although colour doesn’t need any consideration, the fit you go for and the type of collar you choose does. From tailored fit to skinny fit, wing collar to Victorian collar, there are still choices to be made when it comes to a plain white shirt but luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect white wedding shirt to work for every man at Slater Menswear.

The Shoes

Shoes play a big part in your wedding outfit, no matter what time of year you get married but when it comes to autumn weddings, you need something in a colour to suit the season and a style to work with the weather and we’ve got the ideal options.

Brogues are a big hit for autumn weddings, they just work with the types of suits everyone is opting for during this season. From black to tan, navy to burgundy, you can go as simple or as bold as you like with a brogue, usually depending on what kind of suit you’ve chosen.

If you’ve gone for a statement suit in a dark shade, we’d recommend playing it safe with an effortless tan brogue but if you’ve gone plain with your suit, a braver brogue such as a navy or a shoe with tweed will help you step down the aisle in confidence.

The Accessories

When it comes to accessorising your autumnal wedding attire, this is where you can really incorporate the season into your look.

For your tie and pocket square, we’d recommend incorporating the colour scheme for your wedding if possible. You’ve probably already picked a suit with this in mind, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to tie this colour into your look. If you’re tying the knot in autumn, you’re likely to have picked a seasonal colour scheme anyway, so ties and pocket squares in burgundy, dark blues or dark oranges are probably of most interest to you.

If you’re wearing a double cuff shirt, don’t forget your cufflinks! These are the ultimate finishing touch to your formal look for this special day. We’ve got a selection of cufflinks, as well as other wedding outfit accessories for men in our online wedding shop, so be sure to check out the range to find the perfect ones to complete your look.

So, there you have it, all the must-have items you need to create the ultimate autumn wedding outfit for your big day!

If you’re a groom who’s getting married in autumn, we’d love to see your outfit for the big day, so tag us in your pictures on Twitter or Instagram!



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