The Occasions We Recommend Choosing an Affordable Suit

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Sometimes, the more expensive option isn’t always the best and in the world of suits, that can often be the case.

We love a premium suit as much as the next man; they feel special, luxurious and put a real spring in your step when you’ve got one on but there are some occasions in a man’s life when spending a little less on a suit can result in you looking as good but actually being better dressed for the event in question.

We’re going to be sharing with you a few of the times when we think sporting one of our more affordable suits is a better option than breaking out your priciest three-piece.

Sixth Form/College

Cheap suits don’t mean compromising for a lower quality when it comes to suits from Slater Menswear, so choosing one of our more budget-friendly two or three-piece suits doesn’t mean they won’t last as long. We’re proud to sell some of the best cheap suits that feel as comfortable and durable as ones with higher price tags, making them an ideal option for sixth form or college.

You’re going to be wearing this suit every couple of days, every week for the whole school year and as well as seeing you through the general wear and tear of the school day, it’s probably also going to have to endure a few lunchtime football matches with your mates along the way, so no matter how premium the price tag, it’s going to be pretty battered by the end of the year.

Having to replace your suit after 12-months at school doesn’t feel too bad if you didn’t break the bank when you bought it but if you’ve managed to wreck a pricey suit during your year at Sixth Form or College, having to buy a new one isn’t going to be so fun!

Workers with a Long Commute

Getting the train or tube to work every day isn’t the most fun experience and the likelihood of getting rained on, having something spilt on you or just generally catching your clothes as you go is pretty high, meaning your lengthy work commute is not the time to break out your poshest suit.

Our suits for under £100 look just as good as those that cost double and triple the price, so you’ll still look the part for work when you get there but saving some cash and opting for a more affordable option means you can relax on your commute to and from the office by knowing that if someone knocks their coffee on you, they’ve not wrecked your most expensive suit!


We get it, you want to look your best when you go up on stage and collect your degree and you can do in one of our more affordable suits but as graduation usually turns into one big party, we’d recommend leaving that suit that cost a few hundred pounds at home!

You’re finishing university for a start, so the budget is probably feeling a little tight to start with and as you’ve probably got a great job to be starting soon, you’re going to want to keep your luxury suits looking fresh for that big first day, so we’d recommend celebrating this success in a more affordable suit that will be easier to replace if the partying takes its toll!

Wedding Guest

If it’s your wedding then it’s a totally different ball game and we’d recommend going all out with whatever budget you can afford and getting the best for when you head down the aisle but if you’re just a guest, save some cash for when it comes to your own big day and opt for a cheaper suit.

You’re not going to be the centre of attention, so you simply need to look good and look smart, both of which you can do in a quality but affordable suit. There’s no point breaking the bank for a wedding that isn’t your own!

Wedding receptions can also get a little bit crazy and we’ve all come away from one with an outfit that isn’t salvageable from wine stains and rips, so if you’re attending as a guest, we’d spend a little less on the suit and accessorise to get a premium look!

When affordable suits look as good as they do here at Slaters, there’s no reason not to opt for an affordable men’s suit all the time but we do understand the lure of a luxury suit and they’ll always have their place in our wardrobes!

Do you have a bargain suit you swear by for every occasion? Let us know why you love cheaper suits so much on Twitter or Instagram!


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