The Perfect Shirt Guide

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Working the perfect look when it matters most can be the difference between failure and success. So knowing your own style inside out is the key to looking effortlessly dapper for every occasion.

One of the key components to any look, be that smart or casual, is the shirt. No matter what size you take, there’s a style that will suit you best and finding your perfect shirt and making it a part of your staple style is the best way to guarantee you’ll look good for every event.

We’ve shown you how to find the perfect white shirt for the occasion in our ‘White Shirt Guide’, but today we’re going even further and we’re going to share with you our guide to knowing your shirt style like the back of your hand and with that you’ll be able to put together a dapper look in no time.


This is the point in which many men move swiftly towards the exit because let’s be honest, not many men like addressing their clothes size but if you choose the right fit and style shirt, size isn’t a problem as there’s something to flatter every shape.

How to Measure Your Size

Shirt size is depicted by a few different measurements, so here’s the figures you’ll need to find the perfect fit:

  • Collar Size – circumference of the neck
  • Chest Circumference – distance around the whole chest, taken from around the pectorals
  • Back Length – distance from the base of the neck, to the base of the spine
  • Sleeve Length – also known as arm length, measurement taken from the centre of the back of the neck to where the bottom of the cuff should sit


At Slaters, our shirts are available in a range of sizes. Take your measurements and use our size guide to find your ideal size:

Collar Size 14 14.5 15 15.5 16 16.5 17 17.5 18 18.5 19 19.5 20
Chest  95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140 145 150 155
Back Length 75.5 76.5 76.5 77.5 77.5 78.5 78.5 79.5 79.5 80.5 80.5 81.5 81.5
Sleeve Length 87.5 88 88.5 89 89.5 90 90.5 91 91.5 92 92.5 93 93.5


In need of a little help with the tape measure? grab a friend or use our video tutorial on ‘how to measure yourself’ for a few handy tips!


Once you’ve found the right size for you, it’s time to pick the perfect fit. We truly believe that any man can work any style but it’s a fair comment that some size styles flatter some sizes more than others.

If you are interested in picking the most flattering fit, then here’s a breakdown of how our favourite fits sit on the body and what to expect when you wear them:

Regular Fit The most comfortable and loose fit, regular fitting shirt are ideal for all men thanks to the extra room in both the body and arms.
Tailored Fit A smart and slightly more formal fit, the tailored fit has a slightly more tapered shape with a narrower waist and tighter arms. The style is still a good fit for most men as the shape is subtly tapered to provide shape but still be comfortable.
Slim Fit One of the tighter fits is the slim flit, more tapered and tighter than the tailored fit, but still with room to move. This fit sits closer to both the body and arms and makes for an overall more streamline look.
Skinny Fit Skinny fit is the tightest of all the shirt cuts, with the shirt sitting closest to the body and arms and often being more restricting. This look is ideal for men who find shirts are often oversized on their frame.



Many think the colour of your shirt is purely decided by your suit, but when it comes to finding your ultimate shirt, that suits you perfectly in every way, there’s more to picking the colour of your shirt than what you’re pairing it with.

Skin Tone

You’ve probably heard the females in your life discussing their skin tone around the topic of cosmetics at which point you probably switched off but it’s worth paying attention and being aware of your own skin tone because it could affect how well a colour suits you.

Here’s a little breakdown of the term ‘skin tone’:

Warm Toned Warm toned skin tones have a lot of yellow undertones, and often look brighter and more tanned.
Cool Toned A cool toned skincare may have more blue undertones and look paler. Cooler skin tones are often more prone to redness.


We could go even further with the topic of skin colour but we’ll leave that to the cosmetics counters. The only reason we want our customers to figure out if they have a warm or cool skin tone is so that they can find the most complimentary coloured shirt.

You don’t tend to realise how much your shirt colour can change how good you look until you work your perfect colour and see the difference. If you’re determined to find your ideal shirt then here’s the colours you should be looking to style depending on your skin tone/colour.

Skin Tone/Colour Best Colours
Pale/cool toned skin Light grey, light blue, lilac, baby pink
Warm toned/olive coloured skin Brown, gold, dark orange, dark red/burgundy
Dark skin Yellow, gold, bright/vibrant shades



The kind of collar you decide to sport really does depend on the occasion and your overall style but knowing what each collar looks like and what works best for what occasion is key being able to nail the right look every time.

That just about covers everything we think you need to take into consideration when picking the perfect shirt, and by following these simple steps we think you’ll soon be untied with the best shirt you’ve ever had.

If our guide leads you to find your new favourite shirt, be sure to send us your snaps of you sporting your new look on Twitter and Instagram!


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