The Top Grooming Mistakes No Man Should Make – But So Many Do

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As we grow up, we all make the odd mistake with our signature looks. We opt for the wrong haircut, trim our facial hair in an interesting way or simply just make the wrong choices with the grooming products we use but what about the grooming mistakes we don’t even realise we’re making?

We get so stuck in a rut with our style sometimes that we don’t even realise that we may not be making the best grooming choices to suit us and according to the grooming experts we’ve spoken to, more of us men are making errors with our haircuts, facial hair and more without even knowing…


According to Jim Shaw, owner of EssensualsMEN, one of the most common mistakes so many men are making is choosing the wrong beard style for their face shape.

Many men choose their beard style dependent on what their friends and family do or based on a famous face they admire but that may actually be where you’re going wrong! This isn’t to say that your current beard is doing you a disservice but a refresh of your facial hairstyle could totally change your look for the better!

Jim told us how those with oval faces have the easiest decision as pretty much any beard shape will work for them, just not something too long as it can over elongate the face but other face shapes have to be a little more choosey. Round face shapes are said to lend themselves to longer length beards as this helps give the appearance of a longer face shape which when paired with a clean, sharp line to your trim, your round face is set to look far more sculpted.

For squarer or pointier face shapes, a rounder and messier looking beard could actually be your best friend, softening the face shape and making things look a little rounder and less angular.

But it isn’t just the shape of your beard that could be causing you a facial hair faux-pas but the way you trim it too. Ross Charles, the Owner of Ross Charles Hair Salon and Barber told us how too many men do DIY jobs of trimming their beards and end up with patches which just isn’t a good look so he recommends either leaving it to the pros or at least getting a good set of products in place to help you!

Hair Styles

So many men end up playing hostage to their lifelong hairstyle. You know what it’s like, you’ve had the same barber for years and never really pushed the boundaries with your cut but as you get older and your hair begins to change, the same style just doesn’t work anymore.

According to Dylan Brittain, the International Artistic Director for Schwarzkopf, the biggest grooming mistake he sees men making time and time again is ignoring balding/hair thinning and working a combed over style anyway!

It would appear that combover styles are the least flattering when your hair is starting to thin and as much as men may be afraid to go for a shorter style, keeping the overall length of your hair when it is starting to go bald in patches could actually be the worst decision for your style.

Dylan recommends talking with your barber about possible new styles and exploring new avenues such as shorter sides or an all-over buzz cut which could actually see you looking more youthful than trying to hang on to your old hairdo.

Unwanted Facial Hair

It’s often seen as a running joke that the older the men get, the more hair appears on their faces, often in places they once didn’t have it but according to Jamie Stevens, three times British Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and owner of Jamie Stevens Hair, hair in unwanted places is one of the biggest grooming errors a man can make.

An instant way to add age, Jamie told us how keeping nose hair, brows and even ear hair trimmed and in shape is essential for keeping a fresh, youthful and tidy look. Often areas of hair men either forget about or just don’t know how to deal with, Jamie recommends asking your barber to offer a hand in keeping these areas of the face groomed to perfection.

So, they’re the big grooming mistakes any man can make but no man ever should and with the help of these top tips from our panel of professionals, you don’t have to!

Have you got any secret tips or tricks for looking well-groomed at all times? Let us know on Twitter!


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