The Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2019 Newly Weds

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Now wedding season is underway with plenty more months of tying the knot to come, it’s got us thinking all about honeymoons!

Our go-to travel experts, Kuoni, have given us all the information we need to know about the most popular honeymoon destinations from last year and therefore the locations they predict will be highly visited for 2019!

2018’s Most Popular Honeymoon Destination – The Maldives

There’s no surprise that the stunning and luxurious Maldives came out on top for the most popular honeymoon destinations for 2018!

The definition of peace and tranquillity, the Maldives is a naturally beautiful, untampered with location with white sand and clear waters, designed to be a simple and relaxing way of living, perfect for unwinding under the sun to relieve the stress of your big day!

  1. Mauritius

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean and this secluded natural destination is best known for its mountainous landscape and picturesque beaches. Although isolated from anywhere else, Mauritius offers plenty to do for newlyweds, such as exploring the natural monument, relaxing on the beach or getting to know the local community.

  1. Bali

A destination that has become popular for not just honeymoons but travelling in general, Bali was the third most visited honeymoon destination of 2018.

One of the most popular parts of Indonesia with visitors, Bali feels like a different world compared to life in the UK and offers the ability to explore the outdoors, connect with nature and learn about a new culture, all while enjoying great weather and stunning views.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is located in the south of Asia in the Indian Ocean and offers great weather and a perfect balance of relaxing and adrenaline filled activities.

There are animals to witness, historic landmarks to explore and pools to relax next to, so if you want a honeymoon with the chance to unwind as well as having plenty of things to keep you occupied, Sri Lanka could be the perfect option.

  1. Thailand

A bucket list destination for a lot of people so what better time to explore Thailand than on your honeymoon? An Asian destination that offers a bit of everything from great food to stunning beaches, historical and religious landmarks to close to nature experiences, Thailand really is a destination where stunning memories can be made.

  1. USA

Not your usual romantic getaway but if you’re looking to make adventurous memories on your honeymoon, the USA is a great choice.

The different states within the USA all offer something unique for newlyweds from the excitement of Orlando to the laid back, star-studded vibe of LA to the quick-paced lifestyle of New York, so whatever kind of atmosphere you’re looking to enjoy on your honeymoon, America will have it!

Also a great place for shopping, eating and watching great entertainment!

  1. St Lucia

A picture-perfect corner of the Caribbean, St Lucia is the perfect place to spend a week or two in the sun sipping cocktails, catching a tan and reliving the memories of your big day.

With plenty of miles of beach to explore as well as bars, restaurants and local landmarks to investigate, you won’t find it hard to unwind in St Lucia.

  1. Mexico

A favourite for couples, both newlywed or otherwise, Mexico is the perfect vibrant yet relaxed destination to experience a balance of unwinding and exploring the culture.

From laying back on the beach to cave diving, jet skiing and joining in with local festivities, there’s no shortage of things to do in Mexico, particularly the stunning city of Cancun.

  1. Italy

If you’re looking to book a honeymoon a little closer to home, Italy is a fantastic option. With plenty of cities within the country that are renowned for being romantic, such as Rome, Venice and Florence.

Italy offers an array of different holiday experiences depending on where you go, so whether you want beach, adventure or tourist attraction, there’ll be somewhere in Italy that suits you.

  1. South Africa

A once in a lifetime destination so why not go for your honeymoon? South Africa offers culture, heritage and the ability to become closer with the animal kingdom than ever before.

A popular choice with couples that want to go on safari as well as experiencing a world that feels so distant from the one we know in the UK, South Africa is a trip you’ll never forget.

So, where will you be heading on your honeymoon? Let us know if you’ve booked a romantic break to one of these destinations or if you’ve got another country in mind for your post-wedding getaway!


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