The Top Pairs of Shoes You Need at This Transitional Time of Year

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At the beginning of March 2018, it was snowing up and down the UK but this year? The sun has been shining which just shows, this transitional time of year between winter and spring is a weird one weather wise which makes dressing for the season a bit tricky.

Figuring out whether you need boots or sandals is a challenge from one day to the next during these months, so we’re going to be sharing with you the top pairs of shoes you need for every weather eventuality at this time of year!

The Must Have Men’s Boot

We still get plenty of rain during March (and even the occasional snow shower), so having a pair of trusty black boots in your wardrobe is still essential at this time of year.

We recommend black on the basis it’s versatile colour and will go with both smart and casual outfits, keeping your feet warm and dry whatever you’re wearing.

The style of boot you choose is totally dependent on your personal preference; you could opt for a brogue boot, a Chelsea boot or a simple lace-up ankle boot but whatever style you choose, we’d suggest going for a leather or leather look material as opposed to a suede as it is more durable during wet weather.

The Pairs of Brogues You Need

Brogues are a must-have pair of shoes all year round but leather or leather look brogues, in particular, are super handy when the weather is ever-changing as they’re versatile, comfortable and always stylish.

We think a pair of brogues in both black and brown are an essential in your wardrobe as they both compliment different coloured clothing but the general look of a brogue is perfect for pairing with both casual and formal outfits whatever the weather.

The Transitional Trainers

We’re simply here to provide style suggestions and it’s always up to you to do your own thing with your outfits but if you ask us, it simply isn’t white trainer weather yet so the pair of casual kicks you need in our opinion is a nice dark coloured, leather pair.

The fabric is going to work whatever the weather decides to do and the darker colour looks cool when it’s sunny but isn’t going to get marked or damaged if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Black, navy and brown are all colours we’d recommend sporting at this transitional time of year thanks to being dark and neutral shades that are easy to style and won’t get ruined in a rain shower!

Brave It with Boat Shoes

If we are lucky enough to grab a few warm days this month then you’re going to want a shoe in your collection that is a little more summer ready without going all out with a sandal which is when the boat shoe becomes an essential.

The chunkier, more robust of the warm weather shoes, boat shoes are more of a shoe than a sandal but are still easy to slip on and keep your feet cooler when the temperature heats up.

Boat shoes are perfect for throwing on with a pair of chinos with the ankles rolled up, helping you get into the summer vibe without going all out.

With this collection of shoes inside your wardrobe, you should be set for these transitional months of weird weather with no problem.

What pairs of footwear do you find yourself constantly reaching for at this time of year? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.


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