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Whiter than Whites – Everything you Need to Know About White Shirts

With Wimbledon 2017 well under way, we’ve got white clothes on the mind, so what better way to channel your inner Wimbledon than styling white in your day to day wardrobe.

Nothing says classic yet dapper like a white shirt, and at Slaters, when it comes to shirts we really spoil you for choice. Our selection of white shirts has something to suit every man for every occasion, but how do you know which to wear? Our guide to wearing white shirts is going to break it down for you.


the fit of a shirt

The Fit

One of the most important things to consider when picking your perfect white shirt, is the fit you want. Most shirts at slaters are split into three categories, and they look like this:

Regular Fit

Often referred to as a ‘standard fit’, our regular fitting shirts are an extremely comfortable choice. A regular fit is slightly roomier than other styles, so caters for any man and is often available in a wider range of sizes than some of the slimmer options.

Slim Fit

Our slim fit shirts really appeal to the modern man, and work well with a slim fit suit as it carries on that streamline appearance. Slim fit shirts sit closer to the body and arms with a general tighter fit than the regular size.

Tailored Fit

Tailored fit shirts are another modern choice, however with this shirt, the overall fit isn’t skinny, but the shape of the body and sleeve has a more tapered appearance and ‘nips in’ at the waist which results in a gentle definition around the physique.

For more advice on how to get your perfect fit, check out the shirt section of our sizing guide.

The Collar

shirt collar guide

Nothing changes the overall look of a shirt like the style of collar, but the next challenge is then choosing the right tie, so we’re going to show you how to style the most popular kinds of collar.

Round Collar

The round collar is the most casual of all the styles thanks to its soft appearance. Many opt to style a round collar buttoned up and without a tie, which makes for a perfect smart causal look with a very modern feel to it. If you’re styling a round collar for a formal occasion, a slim tie works best.

Pin Collar

Pin collar shirts or tie bar shirts, are a favourite amongst modern gents thanks to their more edgy style, breaking away from what you’d expect for a traditional white shirt. This is another style that lends its self to being worn without a tie, and letting the bar do the talking, but pairing a tie over the bar can add some interest to the collar area. Navy blue ties work well with silver bars thanks to the contrast.

Victorian Collar

Often considered the most traditional collar to pair with a white shirt, Victorian collar shirts are a favourite for grooms, as they work perfectly with a ruche tie thanks to the width of the spread of the collar (the distance between the collar points).

Wing Collar

Potentially the most formal option, wing collar shirts are most commonly paired with bow ties and tuxedos for black tie and red-carpet events. Unlike other collars, a winged collar doesn’t fold over, so, the band of the bow tie is visible the whole way around.

Spread Collar

A spread collar is known for having a ‘wide spread’, meaning the distance between the collar points is very wide. Although similar to the Victorian collar, spread collar shirts are often styled with slim or skinny ties to contrast the width of the collar opening.

The Overall Look

White shirts are a favourite for their versatility and ease, and there is truly no wrong way to style a men’s white shirt.

White shirts can be paired with a variety of suit colours, from black to navy, grey to burgundy. They also lend themselves to being accessorised with an array of colours, depending on the colour of your suit.

At Slaters, we also have both single and double cuff shirts so you can choose a style you like, and then comes the choice of cufflinks vs button cuff… the decisions are endless!

Here’s some of our favourite white shirt looks –

white shirt style

Be sure to check out our men’s shirt selection next time you’re in need of a new one, and if you’re wearing one of our pieces while you’re out and about, we’d love to know, so send us a snap to our Instagram or Twitter.


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