This Season’s Knitwear Essentials for Men

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Winter is fast approaching which means it’s time to break out the knitwear for another season but what’s on-trend for men this winter? Here are our top picks in knitwear for men for winter 2019:

The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

The classic short-sleeve polo shirt is a big hit during the spring and summer months, so why not keep the look as part of your winter wardrobe by adding a long sleeve polo shirt to your collection?

Ideal for those transitional months during autumn when the weather is seriously up and down, a long sleeve polo is one of your thinner, lighter feeling knitwear options and is ideal for layering with jackets.

An ideal smart casual top, dark coloured long sleeve polo tops have a formal feel to them and can be paired with jeans or trousers, depending on the occasion.

Slater Menswear Loves: The Ben Sherman Knitted Black Long Sleeve Polo Shirt, available in sizes S – XXL.

The V-Neck Jumper

We often think of women as being the ones who care about different necklines and what they can add to an outfit but the neckline shape is just as important in men’s clothing.

A V-neck jumper adds something to your look that a round neck can’t, it has a more statement and formal feel to it but it is also far more suitable for layering over a short sleeve polo or collared shirt, providing more room for the collar to be seen thanks to the more open neckline.

We recommend opting for plain coloured V-neck jumpers to ensure they become versatile, wearable items in your wardrobe and it may even be worth sizing up if you know that you’re going to want to layer your jumper over shirts.

Slater Menswear Loves: The Barbour Navy Knitted Lambswool V-Neck Jumper, available in sizes M – 4XL.

The Round Neck Jumper

Your knitwear collection simply isn’t complete with the perfect-fitting round neck knitted jumper, an item that is warm and comfortable for those cold winter days but still looks great paired with jeans, trousers, blazers and jackets.

As always, your more neutral colours tend to offer better value for money due to being more versatile but there’s nothing wrong with adding a pop of colour into your wardrobe that can be paired with plainer items you already own, such as a pale blue, light pink or rich burgundy.

Here at Slater Menswear, we have a collection of light coloured round neck knitted jumpers from Broken Standard and Farah that are affordable and comfortable.

The Quarter Zip Jumper

The perfect ‘pullover’ for layering over t-shirts, polo shirts and even formal shirts, a quarter zip jumper offers the flexibility to wear it in a number of different ways and really can become a go-to staple in your knitwear collection.

Wear with the zip done up for a high neck, open with the collar stood up or open with the collar folded down, whatever you fancy to create a look that is casual or formal to match the occasion in question.

Being a layering item, quarter-zip fleeces are best purchased in colours such as black, navy or grey that are easy to style with trousers and jeans of all colours and can also be worn under jackets of all different shades and styles.

Slater Menswear Loves: The Ben Sherman Grey Knitted Quarter Zip Jumper, available in sizes M – XXL.

So, get stocked up on all your winter essentials, including these on-trend knitwear buys from Slater Menswear!


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