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Today we introduce you to Swinny – Slaters Glasgow Style Guru

David ‘Swinny’ Swinton is nothing short of a legend in Slaters Glasgow branch. Almost every day we ooh and ahh in complete awe at the interesting, quirky and extremely trendy style combos this man conjures up.

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‘Contrast colours work a treat’

The man, or should we say God? Maybe not, is a long established member of Slaters and we have loved watching his style evolve.

slaters suit selfie

‘The tie-clip makes a comeback’

Always dressed smart in either a suit or blazer combo, Swinny is not afraid to mix it up when it comes to accessorising. He is a massive fan of the trendy knitted tie and often wears it with a quirky patterned pocket square for a look filled with personality.

slaters suits

‘Don’t forget your footwear, quirky socks with loafers are a must’

We could gush on about Swinny forever but let’s not. If you are looking for style or fashion advice, pop into our Glasgow store and ask for Swinny – meet the legend in real life, he won’t let you down.

Look out for blog posts from our Swinny in the future! Stay in the loop with Slaters on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram.

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    This ties are so nice. Need to pick up a few. Thanks for the write up.

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