Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

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maldives for honeymoon

Honeymoons, one of the best holidays of your life and the destination you choose to travel to will play a big part in the memories you make on this extra special trip.

When it comes to deciding which are the best honeymoon destinations around the world, everyone has a different opinion depending on the kind of holidays you like, so we’ve decided to enlist the help of some serious travel experts to help us share with you the top honeymoon destinations for newly married couples to jet off to for an unforgettable trip!

Kuoni are one of the best-known travel agents in the business, particularly specialising in once in a lifetime trips and luxury holidays. They’re some of best people to speak to when deciding where to go on your honeymoon and they’ve shared with us the top 10 destinations couples have been choosing for their ultimate romantic getaway in the last 5 years!

  1. Bali

An Indonesian Island that has become particularly trendy in the last few years, according to Kuoni’s research during an Instagram survey, 70,696 people that tagged their Instagram posts with #honeymoon in the last 5 years were in Bali, which is enough to suggest that this destination is a popular one with newlyweds.

It’s no surprise really, Bali is truly breath-taking in every way. Incredible scenery, once in a lifetime experiences to be had everyday and whether you thought only existed in a dream, we can understand why loved-up couples would want to jet off for a honeymoon in Bali.

When it comes to luxury airlines, Emirates Holidays are probably one of the first that come to mind but did you know they can also help you find incredible accommodation in some of the top honeymoon destinations in the world?

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Bali, they recommend the Spa Village Resort Tembok, an incredible adult-only resort on the northeast coast with stunning scenery to help you unwind and to ensure you stay totally relaxed throughout your stay, the full board package includes a 50-minute spa treatment per person, per night!

bali for honeymoon destination

  1. Maldives

As well as being a dream for getting great snaps for your Instagram, the Maldives is the ultimate place to escape and relax after the madness of wedding planning and according to Kuoni’s investigation, 52,651 Instagram pictures with the honeymoon hashtag were in the Maldives.

An area that is feared to be disappearing in front of our eyes, if you want to visit this part of the world, it’s recommended you go soon rather than later, so your honeymoon could be the perfect opportunity. This tropic nation in the Indian Ocean is the definition of picturesque, gets weather that is simply bliss and is the ultimate location for kicking back and relaxing.

If you’re looking for luxury accommodation to help you de-stress during your time in the Maldives, Emirates Holidays have just the recommendation! Kanuhura is newly renovated and made with honeymooners in mind! Located in a turquoise lagoon, newlyweds will be treated to champagne, a candle-lit dinner and an hour-long massage to celebrate tying the knot!

maldives for honeymoon

  1. Thailand

A country that has something to offer everyone; whether you want to party, go on crazy adventures or simply relax on a beach, Thailand has everything any traveller could want, meaning it is unsurprisingly one of the top honeymoon holiday locations in the world.

The backdrop for 38,441 of the images with #honeymoon tagged on Instagram, it would appear a lot of newlyweds have taken advantage of Thailand’s diverse culture in the last 5 years. Another destination with incredible weather throughout the summer months and an abundance of things to do, there really is nothing that stops Thailand being the ultimate honeymoon location.

If Phuket is your location of choice on your Thailand adventure, there’s plenty of accommodation to choose from at Emirates Holidays. From The Shore at Katathani in the cove of Kata Noi to The Surin on the west coast, you’re guaranteed a luxurious stay!

  1. Italy

A little closer to home and potentially a little more affordable to plan than the above, Italy appears to be a popular choice with honeymooners. In the last 5 years, it’s reported that 37,608 pictures with #honeymoon are in Italy but as it is known for being one of the most romantic and cultural destinations on the map, it really is no surprise.

Rome offers you history, Venice offers romance, Lake Garda offers scenery and Sorrento offers relaxation, so whatever kind of atmosphere you want for your honeymoon, Italy can provide it.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is a really popular destination for all types of holidays at the moment but according to the stats reported by Kuoni, it’s been a common choice for honeymoons for at least the last 5 years. According to their research, 29,576 pictures on Instagram that were located in Mexico were tagged with #honeymoon, suggesting newlyweds have been enjoying this super sunny destination for a while now!

There are so many experiences to be had in Mexico, from next level sunbathing or snorkelling, to animal watching and exploring history, we think it’s fair to say that if you want sun and plenty to do, Mexico is a good choice.

  1. Hawaii

Famous for being a super cool and highly luxurious holiday destination, it appears that honeymooners love it too with over 28,000 honeymoon snaps being shared from the American state in the last 5 years!

Best known for being the home to an active volcano, there’s plenty of natural history to explore in Hawaii but there’s also plenty of insane beaches to set up camp at and relax in the tropical sun for the duration of your honeymoon holiday!

  1. Greece

Nearer to us here in the UK but still the home to some of the most stunning blue waters, Greece is an affordable holiday destination for the couples who want a relaxing honeymoon that won’t break the bank.

From the stunning areas of Mykonos and Santorini to the more cultural destinations of Rhodes and Crete, Greece has something to offer every kind of holidaymaker and with over 24,000 honeymoon snaps tagged in the country in the last 5 years, newly married couples are clearly loving it there!

  1. Paris

This one really isn’t surprising because if there’s anywhere known for being the city of love, it’s Paris, so if you’d prefer a city break style honeymoon to chilling on a beach or exploring a safari, Paris could be the best choice for you.

According to Kuoni’s research, over 21,000 photos from Paris were uploaded to Instagram with #honeymoon in the caption in the past 5 years, so it appears that plenty of newlyweds have been flooding to the monuments such as the Eiffel Tower to grab that classic newly married selfie!

  1. Dubai

A destination we think is on everyone’s wish lists, why not tick Dubai off your bucket list by heading over there for your honeymoon? Pretty much guaranteed to have amazing weather, plenty of places to sunbathe and relax and an abundance of culture to explore, it’s no surprise that over 19,700 honeymoon Instagram snaps are located in this beautiful destination.

If you’re on the hunt for opulent honeymoon hotels in Dubai, Emirates Holidays have recommendations that cover various areas within this city. From The One and Only in Palm Jumeirah to Dubai’s very own Waldorf Astoria hotel and not forgetting the incredible Al Maha in the middle of the Dubai desert, there’s luxurious accommodation around every corner that is perfect for helping you to relax and enjoy your honeymoon!

dubai honeymoon

  1. Caribbean

Last but certainly not least in our roundup of the best honeymoon destinations is the Caribbean. With 19,641 honeymoon Instagram pictures in the last 5 years being tagged in the area, it’s certainly still a highly popular choice for newly married couples looking for some sun.

The main selling point of travelling to the Caribbean is that there are so many places to explore, you’re not just isolated to one area. Havana, Nassau, Saint Martin and beyond, there are so many locations in the Caribbean to enjoy and this is an area many people choose to book a cruise to enjoy.

We don’t know about you but we’re more than ready for a holiday now!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect honeymoon holiday for you and your partner, we’d recommend checking out both Kuoni and Emirates Holidays to help you find a luxurious trip you’ll never forget.

Please note that when it comes to booking with Emirates Holidays, all offers are subject to availability. If you want more information on Emirates Holidays or to book a break with them, visit or call 0208 972 8949.

If you’re jetting off to any of these incredible destinations, we want to see your snaps, so be sure to tag @Slaters1973 on Twitter or Instagram and if you book through Kuoni, tag @kuonitravel on Instagram and @kuonitraveluk on Twitter!



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