Top 6 Stag Do Destinations

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stag do destinations

A question has been popped and a date set, which means one thing… STAG DO! A big part of the do’s success is the destination and with so many to choose from it can be a little overwhelming. To make things a little easier we’ve selected six killer destinations for an epic stag do.


It could be argued that Prague is Europe’s greatest party city and stags seem to agree with this as it is one of the most popular destinations. The Zizkov district is rumoured to have more bars per capita than any other European city, this alone making it the place to be for a stag do. Travelling stags enjoy the great alcohol, nightlife and other debaucheries this city has to offer at crazy low prices.


Head over to Pragues very ……bar for good eats and drinks to say the least. Prague wins on all points as there is also a long list of fun, quirky and memorable activities for your party to do when you aren’t under the influence. Prague gets big thumbs up all round from us!



It may not always be on the list of stag do destinations but Budapest is packed with grandeur and charisma, this city instantly demands your attention… and more importantly you’ll get a good few beers for your buck! Word to the wise though, Hungarian ales are strong. The city boasts a unique array of nightlife and clubs which stay open until the small hours of the night. If you over do it on the super strong ale there are many tasty and affordable food joints dotted around the city centre to cure that hangover.



There is an abundance of fun activities which you can build into you trip to make the stags time even more memorable. Our favourite is the shooting ranges, where a party can let off a little steam. Budapest has it all and this beautiful city can be the perfect setting for a stag do to remember!



Scotland’s picturesque Capital offers a massive variety of entertaining activities and sight worthy monuments to build an epic stag do around. Castles, vaults, dungeons and towers add to this cities beauty and with a short drive from the city you will be in the countryside where your group can go quad biking, white water rafting and mountain biking.

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Most importantly Edinburgh is home to some of the coolest pubs in the UK and of course, enough whisky to keep any stag happy. Edinburgh’s famous grass market, scenically tucked away under the castle, is full of a variety of pubs which will keep you and your party occupied. The price of booze and accommodation is higher than other destinations but Edinburgh’s the place to head if you are looking for a fun filled do packing with decadent difference.




Two words… German Beer! Of course Berlin has more to offer than its world famous alcohol but boy is this enough to get any travelling stag excited. Berlin has a vast and interesting history which has left a clear divide between the cities East and West sides. East Berlin is has an array of understated, minimalist and effortlessly cool bars and clubs for your party to soak up. Ready to get a little wilder? Head over to the West side Berlin for a rich, eccentric and lavish change of nightlife scenery.

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If you can put your stein down for a minute, there is plenty to see and do in the city. If you really can’t put down your stein the beer bicycle is a great and fun way to see the city without eating into precious drinking time. Berlin is fresh, cool and alterative making it a great place to party for a stag do.



Looking for sun and beaches without compromising on the cool European nightlife scene? Barcelona is the one for your do! This eclectic city is filled with culture, sun and senoritas and of course a diverse and trendy nightlife scene. During the day your party can fit in adrenaline pumping activities such as jet skiing and go carting and those lazier stags can grab a beer and chill on one of the many beaches.

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Alcohol can be expensive in some of the tapas bars but street merchants offer cheaper options. You will be spoiled for choice of bars and clubs in Barcelona. It is noteworthy that a lot of clubs have a dress code, so it may be best to leave the stags French Maid costume at home if heading here.



Okay, the bullet has been bitten, soon you’ll be a married man and this is the last big hurrah – why not make it legendary? The word Vegas instantly brings pictures of partying, alcohol and gambling to the mind. This paired with activities such as racing, golf and machines guns make Vegas the perfect stag do location.

This is a trip that will break the bank more than others but it is trip of a lifetime which really pays out. There are an abundance of extravagant hotels which have casinos, pools and clubs attached. Don’t miss out a pool side party in the sun, famous DJ’s from all over the world can often be found at these events. Make memories to last a life time with your group in this epic party city.

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These are our favourite destinations, now it’s down to you. Choose wisely and enjoy the do!

Thanks for checking out our top stag-do destinations, if you have any of your own stag-do tips feel free to share your ideas in the comments section. Keep in the loop with all the Slaters news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.


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