Top Grooming Trends for 2019

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2019 is in full swing now and let’s be honest, most of us have conveniently forgotten all about our New Year’s resolutions by this point but one decision we think every man should stick to this year is to make grooming a priority in their routine.

According to an article by Life Hack, well-groomed men are usually more successful in their work lives for a number of reasons, including the extra confidence they exude, the fact they leave a good impression and that people trust them to always show off the business to its best because of their appearance, so why wouldn’t you want to make that extra effort to look good?

A survey by men’s grooming brand, Bluebeards Revenge found that 73% of men involved had New Year’s resolutions associated with grooming, so if you were part of that majority group, we’re going to be giving you an insight into this year’s hottest trends for male grooming to keep you on trend all year round!


The same study by Bluebeards Revenge found that the hair on their heads was the biggest focus for men wanting to sharpen up their grooming routines this year.

48% of men out of the 2,018 surveyed said they were set on sorting a new trim for 2019, with 47% saying they plan to take their haircuts more seriously by visiting a specialist barbershop opposed to a hairdressing salon, mobile service or even doing it themselves!

So, what’s on trend for men this year in terms of hair?

From one extreme to the other, two of the most prominent men’s hairstyles for this year are the classic crewcut and the long, messy swept back look, so which one’s right for you?

We reckon we’re going to see a lot of men trying to grow their locks out over the next couple of months after 60% of men surveyed said they were considering a medium to long hairstyle for their new look.

However, if a short cut is always for you then soft, messy partings are also set to be in still, kind of a messier version of the short back and sides look.

Facial Hair

Beards went big in 2018 with every man trying his hand at growing his stubble out into something a little more eye-catching and it looks like the trend is here to stay.

Fashionbeans revealed some of the hottest facial hair trends for 2019 and there are plenty of beard styles to choose from, ranging from the well-shaped long beard to sharp and sophisticated stubble and according to Bluebeards survey, 33% of men are planning to make growing facial hair a priority this year, so it looks like the facial hair revolution is set to continue!

Tanning & Manscaping

For those of you are wondering what exactly ‘manscaping’ involves, it’s the term used in the grooming world for shaving the chest, back and pubic region and it appears that 24% of gents are planning to go more clean shaven for 2019 with a promise to ‘manscape’ more often.

As many of the men surveyed said they’re making grooming resolutions to improve their love life, could the manscaping be a trend instigated by women’s preferences? Who knows but there are plenty of gents out there planning to go for a more streamlined look this year.

Once you’ve got that perfectly smooth torso, why not give yourself a healthy bronzed glow? A lot of men might not be keen to try fake tanning but 11% have admitted they will be doing it more this year, so could 2019 be the year where the male population turns a shade darker?


It’s a well-known fact that men generally don’t pay as much attention to their skincare routines as their female counterparts but this is looking like the year where men take the plunge and commit to spending more time preening their skin!

With estimations that the UK male grooming market is worth about £608 million pounds nowadays, it’s no surprise that the shelves are filling up with more and more skincare products targeted towards men. Whether it’s to clear blemishes or get a fresher complexion, around 31% of men plan to moisturise more this year whilst 29% have vouched to break out the exfoliator more often.

Clear skin is always going to be on trend and psychologists such as Jeremy Nicholson from Psychology Today have discussed how women often find well-groomed men more masculine and attractive, so if you’re working on your appearance to help attract a new partner, a simple face scrub and moisturise in the morning could be the way forward!

So, whether you’re doing it for love or for yourself, grooming as a whole is on trend for 2019, so why not get yourself into a good routine with regular hair and beard trims, a good skincare routine and maybe even a spot of fake tan?

We’d love to know if you’ve got any grooming resolutions for this year, so let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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