Top Sixth Form Outfits for 2018

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We know you’re trying to enjoy your extra long summer holiday, chilling out after your exams… but if you’re starting sixth form in September? You’re going to need to spend sometime sorting out your new school wardrobe but don’t worry, Slater Menswear are here to help.

We get it, you want to look good without breaking the bank and when you visit Slaters to get suited up for sixth form, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We’re going to be showing you the sixth form staples you need to get your hands on to ensure you’re the best dressed lad in your school year!

The Staple Sixth Form Suits

Realistically, you could cope with just two suits for sixth form but we reckon if you want to stand out in style this Sixth year there are three suits you need.

There’s your simple suit, your suave suit and your statement suit; cover these three styles and you’ve got a perfect look to work for every day at school.

The Simple Suit

You need a basic black suit in your sixth form collection. We recommend a well-fitting two-piece black suit. They’re comfortable, easy to style and super affordable, leaving more of the budget for your bolder suits.

Ventura and ONESIX5IVE are just two of the brands we have online and in-store that have dapper two piece black suits that are high quality, stylish fitting and a perfect price point.

The Suave Suit

Some days, you just want to dress to impress for school and it’s these occasions that call for a seriously suave suit. This is the suit that isn’t too basic but it isn’t too bold either, it’s just a perfect-fitting, great looking and the ultimate outfit for a successful day at school.

A three-piece navy suit is the ultimate suave suit. The colour is simple but the addition of a waistcoat to your sixth form look with make you stand out from the other lads and show that you mean business.

Suave suits don’t have to break the bank either with three-piece navy suits from Ventura and ONESIX5IVE starting at prices as low as £89 and are available in a range of fits to suit every man.

The Statement Sui

Just because you have to meet a dress code for school, doesn’t mean you can’t express your own personality. So if you’re a loud lad who likes to have fun, stand out with a statement suit that will keep you look smart without making you blend in with the crowd.

Our range of patterned suits are the ideal option for a man wanting to push the boat out with his formalwear. From subtle check prints to bold checked suits, however statement you want to go with your suit. We’ve got the suit for you!

Bold and bright suits don’t have to blow the budget either, with some of our three-piece check suits starting under the £100 mark!

The Essential Sixth Form Shirts

Your shirt really is an essential part of any smart outfit, so you need to get it right. You could go crazy buying shirts, stocking up on every colour and pattern but if you’re trying to keep your sixth form wardrobe concise and just filled with the must-haves, there’s three shirts you simply have to have.

The three must have shirts are a white, a light blue and a light pink. The idea with these three colours is that they’ll match all three of your staple suits and you can mix and match to create a different look for every day.

Our Guthrie & Valentine shirts are available in a special deal where instead of paying £27.00 each, you can get 2 for £50 or 4 for £90 and to make up your four, we’d recommend purchasing an extra white shirt or if you’re more of a colourful dresser, a light purple is another could basic shirt to have in your collection.

The Must Have Sixth Form Ties

The dress code at a lot of sixth forms is that you have to wear a tie, so if that’s the case at your school, we’re here to help you pick the best ties possible.

As with the suits and shirts, three is the magic number. There’s just three ties you really need to go with every outfit and that’s a black, a blue and a bold.

If you’ve got black, blue and grey suits paired with white, blue and pink shirts, those three ties can be used to make up plenty of different looks and will work with everything else you’ve got in your sixth form wardrobe.

When picking your patterned tie, we’d recommend choosing something with a base colour that compliments the colour of your suits and shirts, a burgundy or pink base colour is always a go to.

The Ultimate Sixth Form Shoes

Your shoes for sixth form have to be the perfect balance of cool and comfortable, dapper and durable. They need to be able to withstand walking to and from school, a game of football at lunchtime and general daily use and luckily for you, we’ve got a range of smart sixth form shoes in a range of colours and styles to work with every outfit.

We’d recommend having a black and a tan pair of shoes to match every suit in your wardrobe and we’re confident in saying that with these two types of shoes in your collection, you’ll be sorted all year.

To keep things interesting, we’d suggest mixing up the style of your two pairs of shoes. A black dress shoe is sleek and sophisticated while a tan brogue is a little more eye-catching and the ultimate country dapper accessory.

Finish your look with a practical yet cool bag to store all your stuff in and you’re done, everything you need to get you looking sharp throughout the school year.

Are you going to be sporting Slater Menswear to school? Share your first day of sixth form snaps with us on Twitter or Instagram if you’re heading into the new school year in true Slaters style!


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