Two Weeks Till Christmas – Here’s Your Festive Checklist

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We’d hate to alarm anyone, but there are just two weeks until the big day, Christmas really is coming now whether you’re ready or not!

Now, we know there’s going to be super-organised, Christmas-loving folk all over the place giving us the judging eye because we’ve still got a whole checklist of things to do before the 25th arrives but it just isn’t possible for us all to be ahead of the game at this time of year, so if you’re one of the more last-minute seasonal shoppers, we’re here to help.

From gift buying to present wrapping, card writing to food shopping, we hate to break it to you but there’s a list as long as your arm of things that need doing before you can settle in front of the TV with a Baileys and a festive film on Christmas Eve, so here we go:

Christmas Shopping

Whether you buy for everyone individually or you do secret Santa in your family and friendship groups, there’s always going to be gifts to buy and we guarantee that if you’re reading this, you haven’t bought them yet!

You don’t want to be the person that becomes renowned for the sub-standard gifts because you always leave it too late, so get on top of things this year and pick out the perfect presents for everyone on your shopping list well ahead of time!

We’ve got Christmas gifts for men to suit all ages and all budgets, so when it comes to buying for the gents in your life, Slater Menswear have got you covered and as for the ladies on your list, the Telegraph reckon they’ve got all the best presents to give to women all in one place, so check that out for some inspiration!

TOP TIP: Be the definition of organised by ordering your gifts on next day delivery, so you’ll be done with your shopping with a little under two weeks to spare!

Present Wrapping

We’ve all been there. We’ve finally got organised with our shopping and bought all the gifts we need with plenty of time before the big day and then, of course, we forget to wrap them!

There’s nothing worse than spending Christmas Eve frantically wrapping because the job slipped your mind, so our best advice would be to wrap as you go!

Once you get home from Christmas shopping with bags full of gifts, don’t throw them in the back of your wardrobe, wrap them straight away and then they’re all done and ready for when the 25th arrives!

If you really can’t be bothered to wrap gifts or you simply just can’t do it, gift wrapping services are going to be your saviour! A lot of retailers will wrap gifts for you anyway when you purchase from them, so always ask at the till but if the store can’t wrap the present for you, some shopping centres have gift wrapping stations that will do it for you for a small charge!

Filling the Fridge… and the cupboards!

Christmas really is centred around food, so this is indeed something you don’t want to forget to sort, especially if you’re hosting the most important roast dinner of the year for your friends and family!

As well as everything you’re going to need for the actual Christmas dinner, you can’t forget snacks, sweet treats, drinks to suit everyone and also, you might want to get some regular food in the house too, you can’t just eat chocolate all day every day!

Our top tip would be to make sure you’ve got chocolate, mince pies and a few savoury nibbles and that way you’re covering all scenarios but of course, festive food is personal preference, so pick up whatever is your favourite!

As for the daily essentials we tend to forget to buy in that pre-Christmas shop and then run out of, make sure you’ve got enough milk, eggs, butter and bread!

Parties and Socialising

You’ve probably already done your fair share of socialising since December started but in the two weeks before Christmas, your social calendar is only going to get busier and keeping on top of all those plans can be pretty tricky!

Writing on the calendar that’s hanging on the wall at home is always an option but let’s be honest, the best place to jot down all your plans nowadays is on your phone!

We recommend adding all your plans and festive appointments in your phone calendar and we’d even suggest setting reminders for the morning of the event because when you’ve got the office Christmas party, a date at the markets with your other half and a festive night out with the lads, it’s easy to get your days mixed up!

The most important part of Christmas is to enjoy it and spend plenty of time with friends and family, so as much as keeping organised and getting everything done feels great, as long as you spend it with the people you love, you’ll be winning this Christmas!

What are your top tips for staying on track in the run-up to Christmas? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!


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